World's Hottest Gummy Bear (9,000,000 Scoville)

Matt Stonie

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    Morgan \u0026 I take on the Worlds Hottest Gummy Bear!! Apparently clocking in at 9,000,000 Scoville, this is thee Hottest/Spiciest Challenge either of us has taken on... How will be handle the heat??


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    1. Steven martino

      I’m gonna buy one and put it in a jar of mixed gummy bears and see who is the unlucky fella

    2. Alexa M.

      My head: *i want to try itttttttt*

    3. C4tR0b0t1s

      The gummy bear is so hot The gummy bear is handsome and good

    4. i Am The Noise Opera !

      This made me laugh, thank you so much everyone the comment were hilarious! I'm a New Subscriber Matt

    5. Shanti Nembang

      Imagine if a baby eat this thinking it's a regular gummy bear And baby said it it's yummy

    6. Gabriel Lucas

      Algum brasileiro aq?

    7. Stoopin Seo

      We need a spice king and Matt stonie collab with the giant spicy gummy bear

    8. Stop motion Gordon

      Hey my name is gordon

    9. AverageLife

      its cool how they both felt stuff at the same time like the runny nose and stomache pain

    10. RANDOM Dude

      Why does morgen seem drunk

    11. Miguel Soto

      Spice king watching this like 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    12. A S

      Lol 9M scoville all idiot who think this is true

    13. Denis Jnr Murphy

      do you live in the same. building as @morgandrinkscoffee

    14. Lil Robot

      I ate a normal gummy bear it’s like I was doing the same challenge 🥵

    15. im fat

      This is a vitamin gummy bear on steroids. Shove 10 in your mouth and after 2 hours you'll be infused with the power of God

    16. The White Inferno

      We Asians eat these on our way to school

    17. Jakorious 9

      Is Morgan always high in the videos?

    18. Soup Mojo

      that shirt is marvelous

    19. M

      The only thing morgan eats as fast as matt

    20. Omar

      The new spiceking have been summoned

    21. Tommy Vercetti


    22. G S GAMING

      1:26 ads are everywhere 😂

    23. Koolest Kid

      Jesus loves yall

    24. Space boi

      @ParkertheSlayer ate this

    25. philip popenik

      i got one word for u.....WASABI.

    26. bminutes

      When they invite Matt Stonie to Hot Ones: Sean Evans: This is Hot Ones, the show with hot questions, and even hotter- Matt Stonie: DONE

    27. Punjabi Sher

      He did the sponsor so he didn’t find it as hot

    28. Woo Glock

      I haven’t watch Matt stonie in years

    29. Jsjsjsjsj Yes


    30. Maxwell Mical

      The Motley Fool is a terrible, TERRIBLE source of information on which stocks to buy. I strongly advise against EVER using them. Please don't let me sponsor a video again. They're crooks

    31. JerryLursx

      This would be fun to mix a few of the hot ones with regular gummies! 😂

    32. mark rush

      no wonder LA Beast mentioned this vid....theyre both doing commercials during the vids. total crap.

    33. hamza orçun


    34. Scorpio

      did Morgan eat a weed gummy bear instead or something

    35. SweFitness

      Is Morgan always high?

    36. chicagojoe

      POV: You're here from the L.A. Beast's video 🔥

    37. Aviator Klloch ✔

      Plot Twist: Their my dads TEEHEE

    38. jenny hamel

      The amount of dairy consumed at the end is a challenge in itself... yikes :|

    39. Randy Marsh 2020

      Why are you using a free app from the app store for timer/stopwatch function when every single phone has it built into the clock app?

    40. Richie Flejoles

      hey bro i got you in monster legends

    41. UN PIN LUN Moe

      that is real hottest gummy bear because i watch guava juice he also literally dying at the background

    42. Huinga Kerr

      spice be like :3 yous be like O: yous are still really good at these chalenges do your channel fire

    43. ginø's life and more

      him:eating the worlds hottest gummy bear. His toilet: NO....NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. BloodBathCVB

      Never thought Stonie would turn out to be a hedge fund shill. Lost all respect for this clown.

    45. Xavier's Papa

      *"Kindness* *is* *a* *mark* *of* *faith,* *and* *whoever* *has* *not* *kindness* *has* *not* *faith."* *-Prophet* *Muhammad* *(PBUH)*

    46. jaelyn Baker

      Just one gummy bear I hope you survive because your the best challenge eater.😃

    47. zain mohyuddin

      whats the music at 0:19

    48. Clipzy On stix

      Morgan just jugged pepto bismal like whaaaaaaaaa?!?!

    49. Ferrero

      Damn, Matt is SO good

    50. Kyle loves razer Too much

      He’s not the champ his toilet is

    51. Nacho gaming

      Next is the hottest chip in the world

    52. Arron Bayley

      “Do a countdown” one *GO*

    53. Red the fool

      His toilet: uh oh I will have a bad time....

    54. Cranky Knuckles

      Imagine taking a handful of these, thinking it is just normal gummy bears.

    55. Chad Cook

      Don’t use motley fool! They’ll rip ya off worse then Robinhood. Go with fidelity or a well known service.

    56. Aric Hudson

      Yeah bro I feel bad for you I just had only part of one today split it in half with a friend. All my friends got a half. It was horrible. Me taking the lead I shoved it in my mouth collected it on the right side of my mouth and it was sweet for a millisecond then HEAT. It burned so bad even my ear on my right side burned. I tired easing the pain with some watermelon Mt. Dew, but it got worse. I panicked and swallowed a big chunk whole. I quickly got milk that tasted absolutely horrible. I nearly puked outside. Then my insides began to melt. Anyways I’m still cleaning up the aftermath of WW 3 In my bathroom.

    57. S. Toshit

      Please challenge 5 bts meal under 10 minutes

    58. Jay Kay

      His plumber is #1 and #2 on his speed dial

    59. J H

      0:31 that beat drop was immaculate

    60. Leslie Lopez

      Why did he froze a 2:50

    61. Pizza with no bones

      Morgan just acted like he drank about 3 beer bottles with a small tolerance while Matt is just vibing with his sponsor

    62. Pasqualie

      The music makes me feel like im watching a clickbait 3AM video

    63. fruitblend

      i feel like Morgan eat a gummy edible

    64. Sroondawg Gaming

      I think you gave him an edible...

    65. VI VI

      morgan is so funny and wholesome 😊😊

    66. Jonghyun An

      Spice king: *Only one?*

    67. Lilli Alatorre

      Morgan is hilarious 😂

    68. Steen sanchez

      1 chip challenge next i think theres a 40% you can survive the heat

      1. Mᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ Mxʀʀᴀ

        i think he did that challage already

    69. DDM Xanthopoulos

      I always Skip the sponsor part but thuis was so funny 😂🤣 Also rip morgan in the background

    70. Haz360 - Footie and Gaming

      Matt can u do eating 100 pot noodles

    71. soiung toiue

      Morgan walk us through the whole experience. Like he was testing some drug.

    72. Jason Born

      Wall that was a slowwwwwwwww videoooooo

    73. Mid

      alternative title: two skinny grown men moaning

    74. Boris Sheen

      a lot of your videos involve delicious stuff that I would totally eat... this isn't one of those days tho! and yeah LA beast always claims he gets high when he eats spicy stuff.

      1. soiung toiue

        How can something so delicious be so spicy

    75. CyberWolf_xP


    76. Konrad Cudak

      2:50 long jump

    77. Fish ing

      Bro Morgan reminds me of my cousin

    78. Shin Aguilar


    79. Shin Aguilar


    80. Kavina Davé

      That was hilarious

    81. Troy Hamilton

      Morgan for the win!

    82. Alex Gundersen

      Ha, at the end Morgan said, "It's gotta go through the whole G.I. Joe..." referring to his gastrointestinal tract.

    83. Yusa

      If you ever go to Texas go to badazzburrito they are really nice and they have a challenge 3lb burrito if you beat it the prize is 730$

    84. Javier Luna

      Morgan is funny as fuck 😂

    85. Itzbeast


    86. Katie

      Imagine on April fools day you put that in a bag of gummy bears by haribo, poor it in a bowl and give it to someone.

    87. poetrist

      Tuvalette de kan sıçtın mı abi

    88. It's Laysia Tho

      Is that pepto bismo?

    89. JP Laister

      How can something so delicious be so spicy

    90. Captainbeyond

      How does Matt do all these things without vomiting like wow he must have to go on a diet at one point but how he does these things is this amazing he must have to lose weight after he does these wow how can he not vomit

    91. eioshen boboi

      Morgan: (suffering) Matt: So anyways, here's our sponsor.

    92. Mutura Man

      Disliked because of the repetitive in-video ads. I'm not upset though Matt get your money, but understand it comes at a price.

    93. H Khan

      Awe full acting fake video

    94. Hau H

      Why doesn't Morgan open a channel, something like gaming, or reacting to weird videos etc? That would be fun to watch :D Like you guys very much :) and also the female in the background, I never saw in all the videos I watched

      1. eioshen boboi

        did anyone else just look at the dog the whole time

    95. Juan Louis

      Last time I ate a pepper and not use water to wash it down eventhough my lips were on fire I played it tough and waited till the sensation was gone to drink something. But the next morning I woke up with burn wounds on my lips

    96. Sheetal Kumar

      Morgan is wholesome really 😂 I mean he doesn't talk much but his expressions says it all😂❤️

    97. Alexander LP

      What sucks is that gummy keeps that heat in the syrup when its chewed so it just fucking lingers in your throat and mouth far longer..

    98. Ethan John Lagera

      Morgan just did a random LG sponsor

    99. Soren Zozo

      Leave the sponsorship out of it and stick to what you're best at doing. Don't be a sell out.

    100. RAIFGO BOOM

      Why does matt stonie look like he isnt suffering that much as previous spicy video