Ultimate Superbowl Nachos Challenge (10,000+ Cals)

Matt Stonie

18mn visningar14 000

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    The Superbowl is this Sunday and I'm pumped! Figured I'd prepare the only way I know how....


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    1. Lucas abi-Najem

      Other youtubes: Lets have 24 hours to eat 10,000 calorie challenge, Matt Stonie: eats it in 20 minutes

    2. Sherwin Soriano

      Matt Stonie: (enters an Eat-all-you-can Restaurant) Restaurant Crew: I'm sorry, we ran out of food today.

    3. Harry Potter

      I really wanted to eat all these stuff alone!

    4. ping pong

      OMG your stomach will hurts so much

    5. WeeD_SlayeR

      I think he have starving african kid inside his stomach 😂😂

    6. WeeD_SlayeR

      The kids in africa could have eaten that 😂

    7. Jana Mejila

      Matt Stonie eating a lot without getting fat •_•

    8. Febie Alegres

      Thats gonna he the death of you

    9. K Hoopz

      Imagine playing chubby bunny with this man

    10. Big Bow

      it's crazy that matt will brag about how he knows chicken and he cleans the bone but everytime he eats chicken, he leaves half the meat

    11. Braxyy Gaming Yt

      Your stomach is so small and digging all the food 🤩🤩🤩 wow

    12. Fun in the woods hairy dude

      Me watching : what a strange way to commit suicide

    13. My Name

      Mom:we’re leaving in 20 minutes Matt Stonie: ok just let me eat my lunch real quick

    14. yasir nazir

      I feel hungry watching this LAMO

    15. lil topics

      I understand the feeling of the lower you get the more soggy it becomes

    16. Sean Mack Noble

      Yet did he know the 49rs will loose

    17. Sha Staggs

      Yo how is he so skinny but he eats like 10000000 calories😶😦

    18. Plee7

      Yo matt love ur channel, always amazes me how much you can chug down, why not do a hidden camera Restaurant invasion aiming to utterly shook the employees, that would be funny as hell to watch :D

    19. Raymart Concepcion

      matt's lung designed as another storage I think

    20. Jeffry Griffin

      That loo ok s nasty.

    21. aqsa inam


    22. iamtheboxer

      ...I have never seen anyone finish a plate of nachos before HALF-TIME?

    23. iamtheboxer

      Do you actually taste the food?

    24. James Allen

      Young yo ass has a SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE....you need 2rolls of TP.....looks BANGIN tho....

    25. John Juhasz

      Can you imagine going to matt’s house for the Super Bowl party, And then watching him eat the entire spread of food by himself and you don’t get any LOL

    26. James Jones

      He had pretty good table manners while he was eating

    27. lo buck

      While I don't support your team as I am red kingdom for life, I admire your beautifully quick consumption of delicious nachos

    28. Shubh P

      It takes me 20 minutes to eat a normal plate of nachos, well done Matt

    29. Jonnel Reyes

      Hi idol

    30. Islam Quran


    31. Gamer Zone

      5:53 instead of 4 he points at three fingers 😂😂😂😂


      SEprom recommend

    33. SwexifyFN ツ

      That one kid that brings there whole entire feast to school, And all the kids ask for some him. no-

    34. Margie Pagunsan

      This guy is so verry stupid

    35. Derron Everest

      How does this man do it? The stomach that it takes to eat all that food and once. 😲

    36. Eggnog

      Don't lie your mouth is watery every fast eating video he made

    37. teehehe

      How is he not fat at all ? .

    38. Tea_ Boyi

      Dude- God created him with a blackhole in his stomach

    39. Epic Gamer 2007

      I bet this guy exercises 12 hours a day because he eats so much and he is so skinny.

    40. PieceControl Silent

      Too many of both

    41. Mr. Baconator

      Things even NASA doesn’t know: 4: Where Black Holes Go 3: How many galaxies are in the universe 2: How Galaxies stay in order 1: How Matt Stonie doesn’t bite accidentally bite chips vertically

    42. Ryan Hoste

      Teacher: You can’t have food in class The back of the class:

      1. Chain N' Toad


    43. Ukasha Naeem

      Eeeeewwwwwww 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    44. Lívia Cristina

      Imagine what time this guy goes to the bathroom lol

    45. Beck Elandt

      Am I the only one who thinks he barely even eats the hot wing then just throws it aside

    46. Vivek Singh

      You want my dug plz call

    47. Lester Pyeatt

      do you ever get full?

    48. Paul Treiber

      Me:eat all mat stoni:yea

    49. zero two

      terus dedet keun, bentet bentet eta beuteung😊♥️

    50. Kate Berkoski

      That’s a lot

    51. PIXLEsss

      I was looking at the wasted guacamole that fell off the plate most of the time

    52. Chase Rose

      Imagine if his camera was not recording lollllllll

    53. sparsh gandhi


    54. mag’s somewhat cool channel.

      matt stonie: goes to the washroom, toilet : absolutely nothing, seriously you need to stop making toilet jokes comments,

    55. Han Dolo

      Getting payed to eat food. Not even mad

    56. BOT JJ


    57. William Rule

      how is this guy so skinny?

    58. amu bokato

      You need a bigger PLATE!!! MATE!!

    59. Giovanni leyva

      here after the chifes beat 49ers

    60. Xeafxl

      Never bring this guy to a party

    61. Mose

      Bro how do you not get fat xD please tell me do you have super powers or you are an alien 🤣🤣🤣👽

    62. كيان lobna

      مافيش عربى هنا😂😂😂😂

    63. farhamand khan

      Do a honey drinking challenge

    64. Manav Sharma

      African government has officially banned his channel

    65. Haris Ali

      Another unforgettable recommendation by SEprom this time....

    66. Navynho1

      Hooooooow!!!!? Hooooooooowwww!!!!!?

    67. Marnia Khan

      His toilet more like his sink after throwing up

    68. Marnia Khan

      Has annoyone tbought about his teeth yea man teet

    69. Aditya Rawat

      Matt - Chips : toppings Me - he has found the golden ratio

    70. MrDonutz__

      Imaging Eating 10 Chips and they all Go in the wrong direction

    71. brian arnold

      he really said “go niners” like bruh they didn’t stand a chance

    72. In Christ we have the Victory

      Surrender your life to Jesus ask for eternal life repent of your sins. It is terrifying to fall into the hands of the living God. God doesn't want anyone to perish! people send them selves there by not putting their trust and believing on the sacrifice on the cross. No one is promised tomorrow don't wait until it's too late! God bless

    73. lets talk

      Why he not become fat

    74. knottyrebel

      Give some to your wife bro

    75. Jose Gonzalez

      matstonie=what do i do with this me=eat it lol

    76. carlitos sanchez

      ikk his gums were bleeding😭

    77. Max D

      Little does he know the 49ers did not win.

    78. Svre

      why does it look so good

    79. Shripad Kulkarni

      man he must have a horrible diet. idiot

    80. Abdurrahman Rasyid Ridho

      No offense, but for me, he just look like ate a bunch of trash, that's all

    81. Highlight Gaming

      I don’t know but I fell hungry after watching his videos

    82. ImmaSpongeBob

      Fun fact: He doesn’t feel any taste, he just eats


      its mukbang but fast

    84. #NicoMomo


    85. Jonny Guerrero

      8:42 bro got that Gronkoswki laugh😂

    86. 「ꪶꪖꪻꪻꫀ 」

      Whats funny is that this is like a half of how much my family makes.

    87. Fynlee Sleeth

      I wonder what his toilet looks like after all of the food??

    88. Diego Brosig

      Se ve asquerosa mente delicioso

    89. justez witika

      My reason to not use honey is because it doesnt work for me in New Zealand

    90. chillin

      doesn't eating that way hurt your throat?

    91. A H

      I have not seen the whole video yet but I think he gets 24:36 minutes

      1. A H

        I was not close

    92. Alan Moua

      Craving nachos now.

    93. s3uoq

      Dude your nacho building skills suck!

    94. Alejandro Vasquez

      Wasting on the sides 🤦👎

    95. Boss Attack

      Just Made me want nachos instantly

    96. Trevonn Keys

      Probably the only thing I could keep up with him eating is this after 2 blunts

    97. Lego Darth Revan

      Shoutout to the plumber after this video

    98. Gardei

      How this Man not fat

    99. Kogami

      Pretty sure my man farts kamehameha

    100. Nathan Crubel

      Lunch Me: little plate of nachos. Matt: super bowl giant nachos