THICK WATER Challenge/Chug!! (45 Calories)

Matt Stonie

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    The Thick-it/Thick Water Challenge!! Been wanting to do this one for awhile ever since seeing Badlands Booker do it, so figured a quick video while I'm on the road..

    Badlands Chug Video -


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    1. gemini gacha

      I’m drinking water run 😑

    2. Moon Das

      Haven't seen anyone like Matt

    3. {BIG} {SMOKE}

      That's thiccc

    4. Josue Melchor

      Compadre, you chugged the whole thing completely but what made me laugh was your brother who said, "!!MOMMA!!" I Laughed so hard I almost pee my pants.

    5. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all

    6. Ryker Cordova

      You know it’s going to be a THICCC video when THIC has 3 C’S.


      Props to Morgan man!

    8. Magali Starr 2

      I have never tried thick water, but based on every SEpromrs is nasty.

    9. Muhaimunur Rahman


    10. Muhaimunur Rahman


    11. Janis Joplin

      Lots of chicks could do this easily.. esp the ones that listen to cardi b and have Onlyfans accounts...

    12. Phuong Nguyen

      Wow you beat the badlands

    13. Lawrence dampog tv

      Are u Filipino

    14. charcoal sushi

      This is H20 squared

    15. Sierra Mcdowell

      The cursed cum jar.

    16. neonpolarbear

      showed my dad this and he though it was hand sanitizer 😂

    17. Mr. Stonk

      It looks like saliva…

    18. Amalia Dorado

      I mean when i had cough as a kid i drink 4x more of that with normal water within atleast 3-4 hours

    19. Midnight Playz YT


    20. elise bruh

      it looks like clear glue/hand sanitizer lol

    21. HarKamaL_PreeT VloGS

      The water is thick and what about pee it would also be thick 😅

    22. B_Smooth49

      Just imagine if you proof a moonshiners liquor with thickwater

    23. B_Smooth49

      I guess they use sorbital to make it like that.

    24. P N

      Nobody's going to talk about Matt eating like a normal human being at 3:33 ?

    25. Ihsaninator

      Thats hand sanitizer

    26. ArtoftheR

      What happens when you add thick it powder to thick water and you keep going on and on

    27. Two_cold

      They look like anime hen*** love juice

    28. Jaden Ma

      3:33 Morgan’s finger tips just disappear??

    29. PuLs_ _Mortal

      why does yo brotha always look baked homie🤣💀

    30. Haven Christopher Veloria

      Now Matt Stonie is THIC...

    31. xyle Teknique

      are you sure thas not glue mixed with water (btw the inviseble glue)

    32. My boy Scott Ho


    33. My boy Scott Ho

      He already made it 17:26

    34. Lyann Carlos

      Ayyee yooo he finished early then badmanschug

    35. Cameron Richardson

      Bruh I never seen thick water in my life 🤣

    36. StormKiller14

      Guys, this water is for people with physical disabilities that need it to get any hydration at all. It’s really expensive and pharmacies don’t carry it in large quantities. Stop buying this for challenges and let people who need it buy it.

    37. Lᴇᴠɪ ᴛɪᴛᴀɴ

      🇹  🇭  🇮  🇨  🇨

    38. Jamie Mcgivern

      Errrr sir this is a sperm bank…

    39. Harsh Singh

      kidney meeting water be like : You're changed😂😂😂

    40. Angle boy Krystian Copeland

      Hey is that zmde

    41. Axel Simatupang

      The music lit bro

    42. Pizza with no bones

      The water looks sus to me 😏😳 Lmao

    43. shahreen Mujtaba

      more like.thick matt stonie drinking thick water

    44. Sven


    45. William Nylander

      When water has calories, it’s scary

    46. Drink some water ya thirsty camel

      ......into the thick of it 💃

    47. Noah Westerman

      are we not going to talk about how their times are 4:20 apart

    48. BL4CK

      Speaking very good sounf

    49. SAGAR सागर

      45 Calories This is the Least He took Since Borned

    50. Michelle Lagrone

      Thick water is for people who can't swollen liquid not for Challanges

    51. Gin


    52. Я буду

      wow semen

    53. Munson Productions™

      Dayum boy he thicc

    54. kai :p

      Wth is thick water 😭

    55. Howard Kim

      I did this three times

    56. Hailee Butler

      this should not be a challenge

    57. Alejandra Castillo

      Why do I look at thick it thicccccccc water

    58. Connor

      I love how Morgan is always just the normal person for comparison

    59. Quick Reviews

      His brother almost reminds me of Travis Maldonado from Tiger King

    60. Fatemah Farzand

      Why’d it soo THICK

    61. Ethan Carvin

      That’s just nasty

    62. alyss norris

      That's what my great grandma had to drink when she was sick because she couldn't swallow real water properly

    63. Rubialuisa Ale

      Noooooo he bery bery crazy

    64. Ace Plays-

      Me chugging thick water After 5 minutes Unlimited urine

    65. PHOENIX

      Water has calories?!?!BROO WWHAT THE

    66. Matthew Compton

      this is practicly drinking flem

    67. yvon1986

      No one talking about the fact that this water is not a trend. It's medical and some people need it to survive.


      when my dad ask for a sip 2:40

    69. Swagemer

      Matt stonie: THICK WATER Challenge/Chug!! Badland chugs: bet

    70. Nik the Minecraft Spider

      *like saliva*

    71. ethan Mason

      He needs some 'thicc water'

    72. Slade ooficial

      You know what else is thick and liquid 🤤 🍆

      1. BAGUETTE

        @NuelAbelo who's joe?

      2. NuelAbelo


    73. Subrata Ghosh

      Its like alovera gell

    74. Rik mcDik

      I know morgen says his hairline is receding, but he’s got a good one. Length makes it look worse fam.

    75. Jay Whitaker


    76. Rafeah

      Plot Twist : its like sanitizer

    77. Dark Warrior123


    78. Somedudeonaiphone Chilling

      Is nobody gonna talk about the few second delay in the video where the audio is out of place?!

      1. Alolan Gengar

        Thats just you bud (its your internet)

    79. Local bimbo from italy

      Ur not supposed to do that its made for people who cant swallow liquids and they are expensive..

    80. Olivier Binene

      OMG what if the water is warm

    81. OW's Canal

      I think i remember i had some tiny dysphagia where swallow was hard.

    82. Mr. Jerry

      Evan killadi thanne

    83. Umar Farooque

      What water has calories?

    84. A Lamp

      A lamp approves of this video.

    85. Genghis khan Talk time

      Looks like sludge

    86. PORR1GE 111

      Cumchug challenge

    87. TradenGaming

      The Chug Jug

    88. Medalion

      You're drinking essentially very thin hair gel

    89. MrFreeze

      I can chug water with my mouth opebn

    90. Dominga Bergantinos

      looks like clear glue

    91. Kween Amora

      🥺🥺 Thicc water are for those who needs it.

      1. Kween Amora

        @Infinite IQ Did I say if they drink, people who needs it will die? 😅😂 I Never mentioned about that 😂 You said it yourself silly! I am the one of will say to you that you SHOULD think before you type please. ☺️ What I meant with my One sentence comment is it really for those who need it. Of course it is mass produced by companies but it is mass produced for those who have Dysphagia Got it? I have no hate with these two people who are chugging it. Its a challenge tho.really love there contents ❤️☺️ so please Don't drag people with your negative mind set adios👋🏼😶

      2. Infinite IQ

        So you’re telling me if he drinks one of these, all the people that need it will die? Also maybe think before you type. It’s a mass produced product that is a company.

    92. Darksorcerer 91

      Do be lookin like hand sanitizer tho.

    93. Crystal Roblox

      It looks nasty

    94. Addison R

      You beat him lol you said you wouldn't lol 😆

    95. Khian Arion De La Cruz

      My brother: um that looks like superrrrrrrrrrrr thiiiccckkk water

    96. Pyae Phyo

      You are twins

    97. Memes Guy


    98. Alex Minatozaki

      Add gfuel xdd

    99. MJ ☑️

      dang he beat it by 3s