The Spiciest Challenge I've ever attempted (Hellfire Wings)

Matt Stonie

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    Revisiting the Spiciest Challenge I've ever attempted from over 10 years ago!! The Hellfire (formerly The 911) Challenge, from Smokeeater in San Jose. 12 SUPER HOT Wings, with no liquids, no napkins, and a 5 minute 'afterburn'

    Can I conquer the spice??


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    1. Matt Stonie

      2018: I hate Spicy Challenges... 2019: No more Spicy Challenges..... 2020:

      1. arfeen shafaq


      2. Carolina REAPER

        My chapel

      3. Carolina REAPER

        Ooo I lost my bestie

      4. Carolina REAPER


      5. Joshyyy kun


    2. SwitcherNova

      3:30 UGHHHH


      It's also harder to eat it quick


      Why would anyone eat these 😂😂🤒🤧🤕🤒

    5. Shark Plays

      i hade 18 holapenios it didint hert me

    6. Patty Cuwy

      Just realized Matt has two different colored eyes!

    7. Frenchfries

      Matt Stonie: **does another spicy challenge** His ass: FRICK His Toilet: well shit, looks like I’m getting a paint job today.

    8. Amad Amir

      During the video i throught he is dead


      Looks like he ate a human looks his mouth looks like blood BTW just joking fans!!

    10. BADVIBES

      What doesn’t make you blow up the toilet makes you stronger

    11. monkey D luffy

      7:37 he is unstoppable

    12. VoCylorge


    13. tht 1 nigga

      That's how you know them chicken wings is hot when you gotta to start humming melodies!!🤣🤣

    14. Paxman615

      Ok, I went to try bathos but I can barely eat a taki

    15. Merary Padilla

      How many Scoville units are they

    16. Mystery UwU Ain’t Found

      That looks painful

    17. Abhishek S

      Bro why doing this torture to yourself ☹️☹️😥😥😥😔😔😔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 please have some mercy 😪😪😪

    18. chris sanders

      This is the first time I’ve relised that he has different eye colors

    19. FATE • XIAO LAN

      2:21 it's look good

    20. ArealGoes


    21. Deathroid Gaming

      He's looking like joker👀

    22. Mitchell Miller

      Hey man you patiently endured it and I know it was very brutal. You da man

    23. Abdullah Sohail

      Matt ate spicy hell fire wings Stomach: why am I still here just to suffer

    24. abc

      pause at 5:03 its him! its Joker !!

    25. Code for Fun

      50 rupay kaat overaction ka

    26. Aagaj sharma

      Matt's roomate- wtf why the toilet paper u used is burnt?

    27. KID_6

      Wow human pain and suffering, so entertaining right

    28. Tanner Lagocki

      Dang. Thats all I have to say

    29. Justin Gray

      I think after this he felt like a Super Saiyan 😂😂😂😂

    30. Bob Fromsales

      I hate that he doesn't let women be allowed to be recorded. I'm such a big fan of the entire team but I don't know what any of them look like apart from Matt and Morgan. 😐

    31. Stella Foy

      Me happy him crys

    32. Eli Farrier-Whitesides


    33. zhirya Muhammad

      Ohh my god I can't believe my eyes

    34. Demon Slayer

      Oh god

    35. TeutonicKnight

      Mouth: Why So Serious? Anus: The Reckoning

    36. Nicolyn Howell

      Why does this only has 14 mil sub give him more goddamit he is awesome

    37. naze beew

      Mr stonie I love your vids sir I made 10 yt accounts and subed to you sir

    38. Mamad TGL

      He: eats a hot chicken wing and cries Iranians:have you ever heard of hamedanian😖🤔

    39. Creative Time

      Matt tryna make more views from this vid while the spicy noodles are at like 103 million views lol

    40. viber

      Those look yummy

    41. Red FoxYT_Gamer

      The Longest 5 minutes he has

    42. Pizza with no bones

      Those 5 minutes sped up with normal time felt like an eternity

    43. rupeshptl9

      Records break wake n bite

    44. Rays Metal Tracks

      7:03 am, watching the first bite of wings - already MY stomach is gurgling.

    45. basic .,.

      Spiceking: t h i s is n o t h i n g t o m e


      Spice King did better

    47. DAD_KILLER

      Let's not make fun and appreciate that he was in such pain then too he ate all of it 😄


      R.I.P that toilet ayyy

    49. Definitely not A Pink Sheep

      Shaggy be like: Like it’s too easy!

    50. Yahia Hussein

      This video is so satisfying

    51. Ottoman.P


    52. pleasekillmeisaac ‘-‘

      Spiciest thing is his toilet for surviving this.

    53. Arline Lile

      Rip too his toilet

    54. Cloud

      It’s crazy that his time eaten was shorter than the afterburn timer


      My mom ate it Nothing happened to her

    56. Aaron Williams


    57. Aaron Williams

      how sad he got when he had to lick the fingers.


      Matt: eating all of this Toilet: i have kids and wife😭

      1. ᴀɴᴅʀᴇᴡ ツ

        Bro u copied a comment w 550 likes thought no one would notice it’s in the same comment section

      2. La Abri

        New toilet : im coming

    59. vince louise cabezas

      I think he ate his snot

    60. lovelove meme

      Ag iyang sip on😂😂bisaya watching😂

    61. Shreydude Gaming

      hey matt say hi to piles

    62. ó_ò

      You totally nailed it!!!

    63. TlNYZ

      I could probably eat 2 then die

    64. melissa kwo

      Looks delicoius

    65. PulseFire

      Matt stonie be getting nasty farts after this

    66. Ugly_Suey

      1:50 - swag 2:43 - realization 2:56 - regret 3:25 - death

      1. yourlocaldumbch


    67. Jordan Rogers

      Why does he not eat them fast and make sure that he is getting them in his mouth and not on his face

    68. George Wrathall

      This deserves way more views

    69. ZE ZYRA


    70. Eirik Agle

      U know it never no blue cheese so the extra pain on u

    71. yass as assin


    72. Cultured Akun

      Stomach: BYE

    73. xiaoriki

      Soon he'll do a challenge eating 100 carolina reapers

    74. Ongo Gablogian

      6:56 7 out of 10 people ask how Stonie's b-hole feels the morning after a competitive eating challenge.

    75. CRACKED G

      imagine his farts :O

    76. LIM EE-XIANG Moe

      they should make a scarier plastic bag for this cuz it only says thank you

    77. NiccoNasty

      Dipping sticking rice on the sauce

    78. luh KUWIK

      I fuckin died 6 times when he sucked his fingers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Da chubser Wubs guy

      You know it’s spicy when u see his boogers

    80. Apex predetor

      Me an indian:- you gotta pump those numbers up those are some rookie numbers

    81. Colin Dabboy

      When he talks it’s like a slur, even SEprom captions don’t work Edit: wait nvm they never worked lol

    82. Villager


    83. Kingchi 0/24

      After 20 minutes I’ll be on the toilet for like three hours so good luck with that

    84. Filip "Nightro" Kapituła

      What about sauce??? :(

    85. Stephen Savoia

      Do another one on June 22nd 2021

    86. blitz tech

      pain = views that's just how it works man

    87. Joseph Reed

      my friend nate said you are so hot matt stonie!!! he said he is attracted to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. In Christ we have the Victory

      Surrender your life to Jesus ask for eternal life repent of your sins. It is terrifying to fall into the hands of the living God. God doesn't want anyone to perish! people send them selves there by not putting their trust and believing on the sacrifice on the cross. No one is promised tomorrow don't wait until it's too late! God bless

      1. Zedrick Canopin

        @In Christ we have the Victory I don't want it and stfu

      2. In Christ we have the Victory

        @Zedrick Canopin u don't want eternal life ?

      3. Zedrick Canopin


    89. Odysius Anwar

      You should eat it when still hot too the spicy doubled😁


      Talk about fire popo

    91. Ricerg

      Spice king needs this but lick plate

    92. Kevin Llanos

      Check out matt stonie

    93. cop kid 3.0

      I wonder about your house sometimes

    94. Jayyycub

      3:20 a little piece of you died at this moment🤣😭😭

    95. Krazer

      bro those wings are be looking kinda noice ngl

    96. Austin Menya

      Matt is that one guy who always finishes his food

    97. Kim Gabriel

      spiceking: No reaction

    98. Arkkane ASMR

      Spice King: Hol' Up, can I have sum?

    99. Content

      Glad I’m vegetarian

    100. DonovanSir

      Those wings look pretty good tbh…