MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

Matt Stonie

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    Good Video? You know what to do :)

    A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!

    Full Order =
    1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
    1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
    1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
    1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
    1 Seasoned Fries
    1 Beast-Style Fries
    6 Cookies
    1 Water Bottle
    1 Can of Coke (diet)


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    1. Matt Stonie

      Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

      1. X_Hunter_X

        I mean the grillide cheese is fuckin flat Sorry karl

      2. Rainbow 8674

        Mrbeast React to this video this is epic!!!

      3. Smarsh

        @Will ppppp pop law

      4. Hexo Gamez


      5. Ameer Faaz

        I eat same like you is only took 3 minute u took like 10 minute idk ???? Are u youtube edited?

    2. Sal Man

      I love how he eats a grilled cheese in 15 seconds but he eats a entire happy meal in 15 seconds

    3. Chase Moss

      Next do corn dogs

    4. Nick Peppeard

      that looks like trash

    5. علیرضا رجبی

      من عاشق عارق هاتم 🤣😂😂🤪❤

    6. hein myowin

      U forgot Dream burger😡😡😡

    7. Marios Gkotzamanidis

      Thats why america is the way it is

    8. Typically

      I love burgers

    9. Teodor Zagoret

      The Water did everything:)

    10. ROBLOX is Life


    11. funnyin

      After eating this. There will be a nuclear bomb in toilet

    12. Dani Vu

      Idk why don’t they put each burger in a separate box so that they don’t get crushed by other things

    13. Socially Soggy

      You sir are a black hole.

    14. Pended GT

      How much u cost it u nerd

    15. Christian Blan

      I don't know why it's so good and a ton of food where you got it because around here the food is shit and portions are not worth it at all

    16. Katlin Johnson


    17. Katlin Johnson


    18. tht 1 nigga

      When I eat a lot, the food starts to become bland then my appetite subsides

    19. vamp vanity

      So not healthy I feel obese just watching this

    20. sensei yeet

      How is he so slim after doing what he does ;-;

    21. Zenzo Roblox

      At least have some manners and use a fork

    22. Annie Xiong

      who do you think would win Matt Stonie or Joey from the mrbeast video

    23. AionIsLove

      i wonder how is his stomach still alive

    24. AverageLife

      5:30 a fry fell out and he never ate it so the challenge is still going

    25. ILoveiPhone

      Gotcha man. ❤️

    26. Abhishek S

      my jaws are hurting after Seeing this giant 🤥🤥

    27. Gaming with Ismayil!

      This comment will not be pinned

    28. Jimmy Ebert

      The fascinated canoe seasonally sack because shrimp weekly need like a wry eye. easy, jagged dill

    29. Verpidoo

      Even if the burger has poor ratings, it looks so good to me 😋.

    30. little l the gamer

      Matt I got a challenge for you, eat all of Sonic menu in under 1,30 minutes

    31. spirit modifyer since 2000

      His toilet: am a joke to you🚽

    32. Sk Abdul Wahab

      Let's try indian foods

    33. creep 1234

      You have to redo it and get the Dream Burger

    34. Amrita Tembah

      My man is a beast

    35. Rhina San

      Image Mr beast watch thiss

    36. Sir sus

      These videos make me too hungry

    37. Youssef Nasser

      Imagine if mr beast commented on this video

    38. Jep Jep

      He’s not even enjoy it 👁👄👁

    39. solobtw

      How do you not gain weight?

    40. ♡{ black pink Fanz}♡


    41. Robloxz Bacon

      Mrbeast have 60M sub lol

    42. Paul Flores

      Dude ur nuts!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 good job!!


      I have never see a man that has eat a cookie so fast in their life

    44. Andrea Mizrahi

      Did you get any money from the Burger

    45. Simon Binoy Abudhabi

      Mr beast actually wathched this video

    46. ROBUX

      Mr beast we are waiting for you to comment lol

    47. kesa Diya Nahi Diya achha


    48. F4n4T1k9

      that food looks disgusting

    49. marioglitchypizza

      0:00 he mess up his script

    50. Ali Mire

      How are you you not fat

    51. callmehenry


    52. Celebranza


    53. Ali Ali

      this man looks like hes dying

    54. The Rantes

      Why do you do so many challenges

    55. pied ✔️

      The real life Patrick from Spongebob

    56. Emma Smith

      How does he stay so skinny though!!! Also I cant even eat 2 oreos without feeling sick!! I cannnnooottt

    57. Tadiswa M

      That looks like a lot of Food

    58. Plat NRG

      Not to be on some Superman bs, but I genuinely don’t think I’ll recognize him without the headband

    59. Plat NRG

      I think it’s only fair MrBeast gives him a car now

    60. iliya908zfilms

      Will mrbeast comment?

    61. lurven141

      This looks so deliocious! Why haven't I been to USA yet!? I need your food culture in my life right now!

    62. The Gamer


    63. Tristanplayz727

      Bruh im jelous cuz This isnt available in Philippines and i dont have money cuz im a teenager

    64. DK_Tuncc

      EAT IT GENTLY AND ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    65. Doomspire

      I laughed when he said water down😂

    66. Go Gu

      He has a black hole in his stomach

    67. issaraplayz

      If I subscribe to you will you give me one burger pls

    68. Alanna Ciriaco Marte

      I’m a bid fan of mr beast and you I want to try that food

    69. Gregorio Reynosa

      It all ready happened

    70. Bionyne14

      5:12 Matt: I don't need fork Enters Southeast Asian mode style:

      1. Hater:BTS sucks. Army:u got no jams .

        I am an South Asian too , southern india

    71. shultzy_5

      You can tell he destroys it because of how long the video is

    72. Andrea De Graaf

      The Chris burger sounds like the best

    73. Фамиль Имьянович

      He can do this just only because of water..........

    74. Nihant Sai gamer and toys reviewer

      Mr beast actually reacted to this vid if anybody didn’t know

    75. Dimitri

      Is it halal

    76. RED WOLF

      How does he manage to eat all those foods in his vids without adding weight 🤔🤔🤔

      1. RaphaelWorstGamer

        @Jay exercise actually

      2. Jay


    77. rick bot

      Algum BR???

    78. CUPplayz

      Wheres dream burger


      i like the chris burger

    80. Nemesis GD

      Why could i literally smell the food. Like irl clearly

    81. Boris Sheen

      never even heard of this place. I need this place in my life.

    82. Lutfiatul Fitriyah

      Di kunya bro

    83. Henrik Luong

      Bro, now i'm so hungry 😅

    84. mr bezo

      Jesus Christ is coming repent from sins before its too late!

    85. Spector tecno

      Questions how u stay in shape

    86. Dwayne Antoine Williams Jr.

      I want to do the mrbeast burger challenge

    87. Bryson Ballard

      never talk with mouth full

    88. brady tissue

      man you have 2400 calories just in bread on the sandwiches

    89. Romeo's Fun TV

      Me after the video. Mum can I have some beast burgers

    90. Benjamin dave Dumapat

      Peaple who said lets be vegan in this video Meat eater: what are you your eating alive things too

    91. Christopher Villalobos

      Lol I could maybe beat him if I ditint eat for 2 minuts from now

    92. Athen Faylim


    93. Elliott Gonzalez

      I cant imagine the major shit that comes after this

      1. Joe Joe

        must’ve been a huge relief

    94. Israel Santos

      Ain caguei grosso 😡😡😡

    95. David

      I liked how he did the little dance

    96. Omar Fal

      the legend says he still hungry

    97. Aura だ

      I could probly swallow the Karl grilled cheese sandwich hole lol

      1. A very pog gamer

        Okay fortnite player. How are those ufo's?

    98. Will Donze

      This is breakfast lunch and dinner for me for one whole week!

    99. senateboy0909

      The food looks like crap, all the buns are squashed

    100. Nytiix

      damn boah