MASSIVE Reese's Puffs Cereal CHALLENGE (6,000+ Cals)

Matt Stonie

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    Another cereal of the bucket list!! Reese's Puffs!
    I knew going into it it'd be one of the more difficult cereal challenges due to how crunchy Reese's Puffs are, but what I didn't expect was the Chocolate \u0026 Peanut Butter flavor to be off the charts...


    NOTE: We had the whole are around where I was eating blocked off from the dogs until it was safe, so there was no chance of them gettin to a puff. Mentioned it in the video, but got cut bc it took too much time.. We're responsible dog ppl! :)

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    1. Emil Qənbərli

      Mom: you can eat only 1 cereal plate The kid's 1 cereal plate:

    2. Tristan Ridge

      What do you do after you eat a lot of food like this?

    3. Pokemon Pokemon

      Stop advertising shite

    4. CookieX Sucks


    5. rocky wilson

      No win! Left a bowl of cereal on the counter

    6. Lorraine Allison Flores

      Oatmealll pleaseee!

    7. Josh

      Bowl wasn't quite empty, plus there was still a bit on the table. Should've finished, instead of calling it at 20 minutes, a win.

    8. Josh

      Man, you need a bigger bowl! 🤣

    9. legendary pillow

      I don’t know about you guys but I can’t stand Reese’s puffs. They’re just rancid imo

    10. Satwik Allam

      when you have only 20 minutes to go to school and you should also complete youre breakfast..........

    11. Kendrick Collins

      Hey Matt!! Why not try and do a Wheaties cereal challenge? Or a Cinnamon Toast Crunch challenge?

    12. Shinobi AMV

      You should try Krave! That would be a tuff challenge! 😬



    14. Hayden Champion

      Do granola

    15. John Kelley

      *me who allergic to peanut butter .___.*

    16. rablax gameplay

      When your favorite cereal expires tommorow

    17. Rlr beast

      Honeycomb or cookies crisp. Maybe rice crispy

    18. Tabitha Edwards

      The milk goes first, change my mind

    19. Rxze Suki

      R.I.P. Matt's mouth😭🙏

    20. Mike

      This man took the phrase eat em up eat em up to the next level


      reese's puff reese's puff eat them up eat them up

    22. Liezle Sumergifo

    23. Jonnel Reyes

      Good job idol

    24. Zero-Z45 Yt

      I may be the only one pointing out the big hero 6 mug at 1:24

    25. Mr.Rhino100

      Love this cereal

    26. Brian James

      Nice challenge! You should try a Cap'n Crunch challenge!💣💯

    27. Shore Trooper TK- 3649

      Reece’s puffs Reece’s puffs eat em up, eat em up, eat em up,

    28. Fherdz Denauto

      We love you Matt!!!!!

    29. jack blah

      why dont you try wheetabix? that would be interesting, as long as you were to add sugar or honey, you can get a bit box of 48 by 2

    30. Giorno Giovanna

      I’m eating the same cereal rn

    31. Rudra vaishnav

      R u even human

    32. Abdullah Ibrahim

      Loljust knlw i can eat that much cereal easily cereal is one of my favorites food

    33. hari krishnan

      Waffle crisp

    34. Megha Mohinder

      I bet he gets indigestion every time we does these kind of videos 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ But I couldn’t ever do this in my life so you did an amazing job on eating that! 😄

    35. Ivich Novaes

      So many people starving in the world, and people prefers spend food and money in things like this. Not cool, not healthy and bad for the planet. 👎

    36. David Ochs

      I find it crazy..after the challenge he immediately is in the mood to think about other challenges. That was gnarly bro!!

    37. Mushi_san

      You should do Corn Flakes! If you know what that is ofc.

    38. E vagabonder

      i think the spoon is sooooo small better than he eat

    39. Farhan Ok


    40. WestonIsAwesome

      To be honest im surprised this dude isn't overweight

    41. epicmann559

      Reeses puffs Reeses puffs eat em up eat em up

    42. Unknown Cloak207

      Krave cereal, Special K, Cheerios, just a few ideas

    43. Patricia Ball


    44. ChaliPili

      Allaaaah iyaalkenthaa nte rabbhheee

    45. Naeem Khan

      Matt Stonie In 2999: "Hey Guys Today I'm Gonna Be Eating A Building In 40 Minutes"

      1. John Doe

        he isnt going to live that long

    46. bob krish

      Jawline insan because chewing so much

    47. mikeoppart

      The ultimate cereal challenge would be Grape Nuts.

    48. Abigail Jockle


    49. My Golfcart69

      It looks so good

    50. Yoshi


    51. Timmy Miller


    52. Sai Alex

      U can buy big one no bro😂😂😂

    53. Cinthya Flores


    54. Swipaa Methods

      If you dont know pat/push your cereal down as you pour the milk into the bowl and it wouldnt overflow as much

    55. Prayaag

      Only Indian people will understand Y tf the milk did not change colour

    56. Diamond ingot

      When the ad said:”Eat them up”. Matt literally ate them up

    57. Rudy Lopez

      Reese's puffs Reese's puffs eat em up eat em up

    58. love inna bag

      Ewwwwwwwwwww mushyyy


      The irony is the box of the puffs has 'Family size' written over it.

    60. Beyza Yıldız

      Just for advise: he should buy a bigger bowl

    61. reese Raymundo


    62. PYRO MORE

      S’mores Cereal

    63. Olly Byron

      Do raisonbrand

    64. Buttery Biscuitss

      Sponsorship mid-challenge now?? Kinda wack..

    65. Kothe Zirges

      Frosted flakes challenge

    66. Carlos D. Avendano

      FOSTER FLAKES!!!!!!

    67. carlos hernandez

      You should do golden puffs

    68. Elimelesh Sanchez

      Do 300 meatball

    69. Arun Hada

      Matt:The bowl is empty.Who counts the remaining two Cereals on the table:Am I joke to you?

    70. Meon Wangpan

      ME: wondering how its possible that Matt can still breath. After eating more then his space in stomach MATT: oo actually I eat blackhole in ma childhood😂🤣

    71. Drago Eclipse

      Cereal Killer

    72. yo yo

      Do he smoke weed

    73. Sudais Shehzad

      Imagine putting milk first 😂

    74. Jithin NP

      Don't waste food bro....🙂

    75. BMBryann

      Craves cereal?

    76. BUKWH3AT91

      Yo do cinnamon Iife. When that stuff gets a little soggy it goes down easy. Love to see it!

    77. SupremeCream

      Thats crazy😃🤝

    78. chikcen s0up

      I could eat that i could eat more than matt stonie

    79. Rachel Martin

      special K chocolatley delighttttt

    80. George Wrathall

      Grape nuts. It’s a crime to even suggest it. But I had to.

    81. d7 d7

      الو سحس

    82. Eazy_ Tom

      It takes me 19 mins to eat my normal bowl of cereal

    83. A.A.T

      I never thought such a slim person can eat this fucking much

    84. Unicorn Girl

      Me watching this video Is making me want to have cereal For breakfast tomorrow btw I subscribed to the channel!!🙃🙃

    85. a arguellez

      U Haven't done crispy rice cereal yet

    86. Mehdi da boss

      One reason why being a youtuber is a hard job

    87. Donovan OBrien

      Do the “special K” for cereal

    88. y.red_electro123.y zackary


    89. BPW

      My mom: eat the serving size Me: okay *my mom leaves for work* Me:

    90. Foil Implant

      I’m Mr. Reese’s look at me!

    91. WillixmPlays FNM

      I finally got your monster in monster legends.

    92. Reece

      Hey please dont eat me all

    93. GoldenBlade8942

      He is in reeses puffs heaven

    94. jehad kadh

      Matt stonie your making every one hungry

    95. Umar Farooque

      1:11 when me oe my brothers try to eat cocoa pops.... Whith all that mess

    96. Kai Peteraò


    97. chalette


    98. Clypy

      I just don't understand his eating like a gator yet his thine as a stick

    99. Mr. Mako Fish

      Ricky Bewick would love this

    100. Art with doggo!

      This dude eats more cereal then I eat in a year How........ how does he do it