MASSIVE Cotton Candy Challenge in Las Vegas (over 3 feet tall!!)

Matt Stonie

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    Morgan \u0026 I take on a MASSIVE Cotton Candy Challenge we found here in Las Vegas!! We we're able to measure it, but there's no way this think isn't at least 3 feet tall...


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    1. PJ

      Beefy jerky challenge

    2. Maddixx Floriant

      Do eating the subway party sub challenge

    3. Luka Toseski

      Matt be like: -I was like mmmmm "fooooood" as a joke, but bro i dont think that is a joke anymore!?😂

    4. Acelya Avaracı

      my dietitian: you can eat cotton candy today The cotton candy i eat:

    5. WorldofPogs

      My dentis be like: You have Diabetis now

    6. Ēvalds Ate

      Can u pls do macaroni with cheese

    7. The LEONID


    8. Chase Moss

      Next do corn dogs

    9. Fatna Tajani

      Nice 👍 😘🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤩🤩🤩🤩

    10. rodney perez

      Mat stione i have a Yutube chanale

    11. Sofie Dzhambetov


    12. mr_frog989

      At this point just eat a mountain

    13. Rae Imani

      I hope this guy gets regular colon cleanses 🥴

    14. TheGeckosSecret

      I want to see him eat 100 packs of Swiss rolls

    15. Kirsty Phillips

      Matt in 2196; “*ok so today I am gunna transfer my brain into a robot and eat my human body in under 10 minutes*”

    16. moon rat

      Id probably eat both in 4 min

    17. Adriana Fischer

      Poor Dude xD

    18. My 240sx

      Insulin company smiling 💉

    19. BB Kayy

      Yum I LOVE Cotton Candy ❤️❤️

    20. Storm

      Pls do mac and cheese next

    21. Alexa M.

      Me: Literally is terrified how i once dream of cotton candy being so big that it came true.....

    22. creaky-system

      “I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ just say done

    23. Wei Shiaoche Lagula

      go to las vegas and by the biggest pizza there

    24. Andrea Payan


    25. Khumbudzo UGODA

      Plz do a Oreo challenge

    26. Mizta

      The Guy on the Right Is Pretending to be cool🙄

    27. Neslyn Allinas

      Finish your food in your mouth before you say stop. 😊

    28. Legendary Broskies

      When Matt eats the cotton candy The Cotton Candy be like: *What did I even do to you* 😂

    29. Garlic Bread


    30. i pack lunches

      I cant imagine how sticky the climax would be if I ate that mouth to stick.

    31. Aaryan Gaming

      He would be having a big ass toilet man.

    32. Recuts

      Easy challenges = low views Expensive hard challenges = high views it appears

    33. Prosterious


    34. James Rocchi

      yo matt i’ve watched your vids for 5 years + it was a amazing yourney keep up the good work i just wanted to ask you 1 thing how do u not get fat after these vids do u do workouts??

    35. Emolga swift

      Eat hot fries plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆

    36. Skully

      Can you do the bts meal

    37. Prayul✔️

      The only thing matt stonie eat that I might finish

    38. Chiron

      America smh

    39. Ahnaf Tajwar Hossain

      And the dentists will be here to cancel that

    40. nabıla

      Morgan eating is how I eat outside with my family/friends Matt eating is how I eat at home by myself

    41. S B

      STONIE!! try the PBJ Challenge again... you tried it last year.. and failed.. lets see you do it again!!!!

    42. Jeremy Aranha

      Attempt bts meal

    43. Jayden Stirk

      I know it’s Morgan ... but it’s not Morgan

    44. DMA gameing Kk

      I get so worried that this man is gonna choke

    45. Lankybox Lover_65

      You should go and try something from Heart Attak Grill.They have crazy eight patty burgers.

    46. jackerrapseede!

      It pains me to see others live my dream

    47. adhithyan suresh

      You can try chicken Biriyani

    48. Sworm ban Cof

      Morgan: *I'm really willing to be brutally humiliated by Matt*

    49. BD Best Ever Food


    50. andrew sainz

      you forgot to eat the stick

    51. Bryant

      I wonder how the camera man and girl feel when he does these videos

    52. Jimmy Butler

      IF YOUR IN VEGAS GO TO CEREAL KILLERS AND DO THERE CHALLENGE. it’s 130 cereals in a bowl and you have to finish it

    53. AionIsLove

      you can feed half africa with what you eat..

    54. Zeehoyo Games

      3:54 cracked me up

    55. Keke J.

      Him & randy santel need to go head to head in a that would be interestin lol

    56. Awesome Official

      Please do Slim Jim’s


      ăn xong chắc ỉa nhiều lắm

    58. teoff16

      Diabetes here we come.

    59. J.C 18

      Matt you need to do the cereal killer challenge

    60. Metal Scorpion

      One minute Matt Stonie has cotton candy in his hand i just blink for about a few seconds the next thing u know the whole cotton just vanished LMAO !!!

    61. Rman Nayr


    62. Rman Nayr

      IT'S SO HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. Crystal McCutcheon

      You should do heart attack grill Challenge

    64. Miguel Soto

      I dare you to eat BTS McDonalds meal

    65. Kronicleツ

      The one kid that eats everything and doesn't gain weight

    66. Cash Antolak

      5lbs of beef jerky in 5 minutes

    67. Toninho Pereira

      Oooo good

    68. Toninho Pereira

      Meu Deus

    69. Carlos

      Morgan looks like hes never been in a hurry in his whole life


      Plase türkçe alt yazı eklermisiniz plase language türkçe plaseee

    71. JesterFlow

      I want to see you try cereal killerz big bowl challenge of over 100 cereals

    72. See Jo Mes

      😂😂😂 He said that it was like insulation.

    73. Augustine Wahlstrom

      That’s a hella lot of sugar

    74. little l the gamer

      Matt you should do the full sonic menu an 1 hour 30 minutes

    75. Josh

      Not gonna lie, I think I like the videos with Morgan more, he's pure entertainment. I guess what I'm saying, is, it's fun to watch him struggle and lose against you, Matt. 😁

    76. Aman Shrivastava

      Morgan is the cocaine version of Matt😂😂!!

    77. Lardball mcstix

      Imagine casually seeing a guy talk about his sponser in your restaurant

    78. Bruh

      Dude how haven’t you gotten a heart attack lol.

    79. Fatelol

      how are you not fat

    80. whacky-wolf

      I Think I’m speaking for everybody when I say, we want normal food challenges back 💪🏻

    81. Liam Byers

      I can’t get my dad anything bec he’s dead

    82. rodney perez

      Mat stione hi i have a Yutube chanale

    83. Violet Alathra

      Wtf its not even a minuet🔥🔥🔥

    84. Damir Katic

      next video idea:eating all food I ate on this chanel

    85. Rob Hughes

      Is Morgan high?

    86. NateTheGreat1234

      R E S P E C T

    87. Aqeel Gamer

      I want to see him sit down and eat his food calmly

    88. Jacorius Hutson

      He should redo It and finish it under 30 seconds ‼️‼️

    89. Zyler

      try this again but with a twist take the huge cotton candy and put in a glass of water

    90. Amy Cranmer

      Bet it was hard for matt not to grab Morgans and shove it his his mouth for him

    91. Amy Cranmer

      Morgan 😂💕

    92. Cyber8Ball

      Please try the eggscelent challenge: 12 eggs with chili and cheese, 2 biscuits and a fruit bowl

    93. Samuel Martinez

      I just had a question. When you're not eating for a competition or a video or anything. Like what do you actually eat regularly?

    94. DHOOM- z7

      😂😂😂 i love the advertisement in the store 4:33 well that makes much more sense. Very fun video

    95. Jack Paul Pennington

      Morgan just can't be arsed living the dream doing nothing, no effort in anything probably the laziest person in the world I even bet matt opens Morgans eyes in the morning

    96. Yan Yan

      Retry the burritozilla challenge.

    97. Soufian Fathallah

      "2:09" اشحـن جـواهـر بـالمـجان مـن هـذا الـموقـع 𝘝𝘗2.𝘖𝘕𝘓𝘐𝘕𝘌

    98. J Äm

      I want to see when matt feasts in all you can eat place and weigths everything

    99. Sasti Videoz

      Brother Vs Brother challenge Is carry on 😁😁😁😁😁😁 And love from India.