MASSIVE Bowl of Fruit Loops Challenge + Gallon of Milk

Matt Stonie

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    I think this is the 8th Giant Cereal Challenge I've done... Fruit Loops! Always a fun challenge, but never too easy..


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    1. Parker

      How are you not fat

    2. Kya Aubrey

      🍼🍼🍼🥢🥄🥢🥄! Fruity magic!

    3. Gamerboy 737


    4. Kyli Lewis

      im eating froot loops while watching this lmao 😭

    5. Diana Hilla

      Your very bad ah crazy boy crazy boy crazy boy crazy boy crazy boy....... This world become so different when you guys get older you will be smarter but no when you get older you will be crazyer

    6. Janvierain Roque

      i would eat that with my HANDS!!!

    7. Pevayn

      te amo matt stonie por no dejar esos froot loops tirados

    8. Frankie Greenway

      Is this guy human

    9. urdogwater

      Who's watching in 2021 june

    10. unicorn star

      That is so cool

    11. Cutelittlesnowman 4

      Him: there will be no fruit loops left behind Us: there are four left behind

    12. A random Guy

      This is how someone who hates soggy cereal eats

    13. The Rentmice

      me sitting here watching him it cereal while im eating cereal trying to go faster than him-

    14. 2hief

      Mandela effect, it’s actually “Froot Loops” not Fruit hah.



    16. Sam Eves

      It’s “Froot Loops” not “Fruit Loops”

    17. sempre que vc ler os comentários eu vou estar lá !

      "Fruit loops" or "Froot loops" ? Mandela efect??

    18. Viinga Nash Lisale

      Matt:no froot loops left behind Froot loops:we survived

    19. Addyson Bierly

      Can't wait to get cereal. But I gotta Wait another Hour ITS TO EARLYY >:C

    20. kevinfr

      Thank god u r not the milk before cereal gang

    21. Drabengamez 101

      Might have eaten a couple more serving sizes than recommended...

    22. fire lioness

      That's work on the jaw line..

    23. Sim Nim

      I actualy can do this but i wont cause i dont want diabetes

    24. Zoe Perkins

      why was mr beast largest bowl o cereal next to it- mr beast could neverrrrr

    25. Максим Родионов

      Чувак, сходи на глисты проверься))

    26. Rashmi Singh

      How come he is so thin?

    27. Dragon60hz

      1:02 what my mom sees when I eat in the morning:

    28. That one Bleep

      It takes me under 3minutes to eat a regular boil and it takes you 17:13 yo eat 3 BOXES AND 1 GALLON OF MILK HOWW

    29. Windows 98

      MASSIVE bowl of fruit loops challenge + 2 Gallons of milk 2030

    30. Rondamoy douglas

      This guys good I couldn't even do that

    31. Titania daun

      A normal breakfast in a day of matt

    32. Gael Souza Santos

      How to be better then Matt stonie. Step 1:be a better burpee. Step 2:go beyond ur limits. Step 3:like this comment Edit:burper*

    33. Cook the yummy

      Who is eating fruit loops while watching this? ME🙋🙋

    34. Mella Mellaney

      in my country the colors of the froot loops cereal are only purple, pink and yellow ... but in other countries there are more colors

    35. Sam Foutz

      You should do a chocolate rice crispy challenge

    36. Kehauna Kizzie

      I know the roof of his mouth cut tf up

    37. Su8 z3r0

      DO IT FOR TOUCAN SAM !!!!!!!!!!!

    38. FäB

      And thats why milk goes first before cereal

    39. Muhammed Tokay

      Siz bir mal sınız

    40. Flori An

      5:22 Badlands Chugs enter the chat

    41. Normie


    42. Antonino Minniti

      Ma sto qua come cazzo fa ha non avere un indigestione?

    43. Mary Knoxville

      Am i the only one who puts in milk first before the cereal?

    44. r m racing

      He got his bowl full of fruit looooooops

    45. xAbelx

      Me when my parents leave

    46. the_lite_bulb

      Everyone talking about how much he ate. *Me wondering where the red cereal went 6.33

    47. Abdelyamine Belakroun

      هل انت مسلم

    48. Abdelyamine Belakroun

      Tous les quip de comantaire est parle en englais

    49. Hizpaniq

      They've changed back to Froot Loops but this video was recorded back when they were still Fruit Loops.

    50. John Zeus

      *froot loops*

    51. apple

      The serial killer

    52. Eshaan Simha

      4:42: milk is so powerful it turned the phone

    53. Cnfjffjj Gnjffnfjf

      Estoy confundido froot loops o fruit loops?

    54. Hieda De Deus Oficial å


    55. Hieda De Deus Oficial å

      how cool our and a lot of cereal congratulations

    56. The ElytroGames Network

      The real cereal killer

    57. Mirac Palancı

      Oğlum bu kadar yemek acı verir ayı

    58. muhamad 081

      Puasa boorrr

    59. PquueN in kıçtan bağlı köpeği

      heralde 6 gün aç kalmıssın o benim 6 günden daha fazlama yeter lna

    60. PquueN in kıçtan bağlı köpeği

      sen onları yiyip nası kilo almıyon abi

    61. p b

      How do you keep it down ? I feel like throwing up . 😨😰🤢🤮

    62. Talan Dove


    63. TRR-jordanツ

      Part 2 with marshmallows

    64. Laisa de Jesus Santos

      😏+👌+👩= 🔞

    65. iiMatrix

      Imagine if he put milk in first....

    66. Doug Dimmadome

      Probably he crappened green s h i t after this in his toilet, lol.

    67. Holyana Angeline

    68. bobbles

      Best cereal

    69. King Julien

      Who's just come back to his old food videos to watch them all? Lol

    70. angelo gaming

      Kung sa pilipinas Yan kamay kamayin Yan HAHAHA

    71. •Alya Plays•

      He forgot to put ASMR in the title

    72. indra bayau


    73. mild

      Кто русский лайк

    74. ThmsGamin63

      Matt is hacking lol

    75. Ishaan Sharma

      Omg That the crunch I clap for the legend crunch Matt stonie 😂😂

    76. Kassidy Rusch

      Wow so do you get cavities

    77. Ginka

      The real cereal killer

    78. KadenZero

      no its froot loops noob

    79. سما اياد


      1. سما اياد

        الو انا

    80. Jizea Tjokrosaputro

      Best breakfast in America - Guinness world records

    81. Epic Limited

      Watching this just wanted me to drink milk so bad

    82. Pedro

      I am watching this while eating fruity loops.

    83. The Winner Yeet

      'don't waste your food'

    84. Guaco gaming

      When I see my siblings come to eat:

    85. Owen Jacobe

      How are you to day

    86. galaxywolve

      Im hungry

    87. Jack William's

      4.42 notice how the milk clicked out of the timer on his phone and then also managed to click the timer app to put it back on out off all the other apps

    88. Abuela

      Matt: Three Boxes Fit Perfectly Me: Well yes but no

    89. W. D Gaster

      Boğaz deilki 40 lık vakum borusu

    90. Roy Gethard

      You spelled froot loops wrong

    91. Zanxrev

      u should have made the milk hot tastes so good trust

    92. Golem

      This guy is the real cereal killer

    93. The D00d

      Who else is watching while eating a bowl of cereal?

      1. israel galindo


    94. Hello Hola

      Mandela effect is froot loops

    95. Blessing nzenga

      For 100 time its not fruit loops it froot loops you

    96. RedShadow

      Fun Fact: it’s not fruit loops it’s froot loops

    97. Kingkev vlogs

      Damn couldn’t finish the last three fruit loops on the table but could finish half the milk.

    98. Deezy D

      Thumbnails are real! Mad respect

    99. Gabriel Jeff

      Normal persons stomach: limited till full. Matt Stomie: Unlimited capacity.😐😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100. Gabriel Jeff

      Normal persons stomach: limited till full. Matt Stomie: Unlimited capacity.😐😂😂😂😂😂😂