I Tried to Beat the RAW Onion Eating World Record

Matt Stonie

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    The Guinness Book of World Record's record for the Fastest Time to Eat a Raw Onion sits at 29.56s, but Yusuke Yamaguchi. This destroys all other record attempts I can find, so I thought it might be fun to give it my own, unofficial, try.

    These Onions are gonna cry.

    LA Beast's Attempt
    - www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS6eQ...
    Furious Pete's Attempt
    - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jky1g...


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    1. Matt Stonie


      1. Bobo70p


      2. Relaxing Videos

        I think this was the hardest challenge

      3. شمس الغروب


      4. Ryze _clan


      5. achraf ch


    2. lollo power

      Imagine doing this with covid

    3. sukár more


    4. sibling signals

      Malayali ndo

    5. 2GB gamer

      Poor onion

    6. Sarah Smith

      Why tf did his nose start bleeding I don’t think that’s normal

    7. Saiko

      Crazy onions

    8. J.R. Crews


    9. Matt A.

      Damn that's torture

    10. aprendizmetalero 666

      The Shrek record

    11. Eurieh Peji

      Please don't do this in reality if you can't eat onion more. Only for professional.

    12. khan zuhi

      he must be corona positive

    13. Samm Salvey

      3rd attempt was great. I think you can beat this easy, if onion doesnt get stuck

    14. IMAge_

      I tried this. I didn’t finish

    15. Chamod Dabare

      Dont talk about after breath😑🤣🤣

    16. Bolacguy Is cool

      5:24 : did anyone saw some pet ears ?

    17. kohen krimp

      Just get COVID and then you can smash the record

    18. Mia yUh


    19. Maxwell Kelsay


    20. Al Kaholic

      I forgot i had this tab opened up so it started auto playing with full volume CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH

    21. Yasuma

      I love his eating style and even if he eats shit I would love it👅👅👅

    22. James OG364

      This dude is actually crazy lol I would never

    23. AzelDH

      man this is by far the craziest thing u have done till now

    24. chris hammond

      I love eating raw onions and garlic

    25. M abdul nazim


    26. Play Games

      It's easy for you because you drink water but trust without water xp

    27. Rock fox

      so hurt

    28. ULTIMATE T

      You should participate in the onion eating contest for the Shrek fest .

    29. YT OD

      The more he munch the more I laughed.

    30. Vaporize

      Layers donkey

    31. Quai Shan

      Why is sitting a rule

    32. Colin Clark

      I moved someplace dry and got massive nosebleeds as well. Turns out it wasn't the dryness. It was the vast amounts of pesticides being sprayed everywhere.

    33. whateveritsmustv


    34. EricTries ASMR

      That opening was amazing the camera work was so good

    35. Aryan Sapre

      He be like: crying Me: eating 3 in 1 minutes L

      1. Aryan Sapre

        I didnt saw he was bleeding

    36. Oyuncu 2.0


    37. King of Onions

      You've done well.

    38. Venomare

      This brings a TEAR to the EYE!

    39. ilikepizzazza ._.

      What if you tried to savor food?

    40. Aki Sama

      Without water 40 sec i think

    41. wow123

      انا اتناول البصل الان بحجم كبير 💨

    42. rice cake

      The worst part of eating a onion is the after

    43. every day life

      I would die lol

    44. Gameknigth987 2.0

      Shrek le gana

    45. Jaye Andreiy Patis

      This guy Is King Of The Mukbang But The Onion Makes You Cry😭🤣

    46. Chú minh Magicial

      not healthy

    47. ادم الذيب ذهبي


    48. Yoshiro Gaming

      So now that Matt Stonie eats a whole raw Big Onion so now he can cry anytime he want to

    49. Andre Prmna

      Shrek must be proud of u matt

    50. Gerardo Castro huergo

      Sos un enfermo matt

    51. Mayki LHP

      Vim pelo corbuchi

    52. Luis Sosa Perez

      The ad roll placement was perfect lol 😆 👌

    53. Barlok

      The only video that doesn't make me hungry

    54. Wìnd

      Should have eaten a miracle berry before hand : )

    55. Angie Alimony

      That sound... Omg that sound *gag*

    56. Liam Shait


    57. Joshi Oyabun

      Remember his toilet

    58. X X

      Indians laughing at this newb

    59. Christian Edwards


    60. Lilr Saunders

      Request to see Yu eat 5 garlic under 10mins

    61. Sarah White


    62. Kevin Ruiz

      Holly shit

    63. Taylor Pontrelli

      nice next eat glass

    64. J. Elixir

      At least he beat everyone else the first attempt (accept the record)

    65. Trillagame

      You must work out a lot to be able to stay slim like that

    66. alex Chopper

      I can’t even eat a spoonful of raw onions. It leaves a nasty taste that’s stays in my mouth. I don’t even like to eat raw sliced onions on my burger. This dude just killed 3 huge onions wow that’s crazy.. respect

    67. Jeremy 33

      I ate one in 20 seconds but I didn't record it :(

    68. Millennium Falcon

      Dude you’re literally Shrek

    69. Madhvi jariwala

      No not at the third time also😭😭

    70. Madhvi jariwala

      Matt why did you dou it the second time. I feel bad for you😭.

    71. Bonnie Lynn

      I think raw onion is not that bad for me cuz , I always like eat it with Korea meat grilled.

    72. Xx2fast 4youxX

      “i’m a god damn onion mason, you should know that”

    73. Guido Acconcia

      Ehi Matt, che cosa ti è saltato in mente!? Come hai potuto minimamente pensare questo tipo di challenge eh??

    74. Ivan Parra

      Shrek is proud

    75. R T

      Damn, hard-core man. This one was kinda nasty

    76. a warzlow

      Humidifier! Love onions. When's the garlic?

    77. Kendrick Collins

      4:14 Wow! His nose started bleeding!!!😮

    78. abel2088

      That was painful to watch

    79. polski

      Sound effects flr games huh

    80. Loud Boys Live

      Feel bad for him but we not gonna talk about how is dog came in and wanted some 😂

    81. ViRaL

      Is it only me, or his kitchen looks like Nick's Kitchen

    82. Michael Jawadil

      Ohhhh i really saw that splash

    83. Saro Syamand

      I can’t even get close to onion

    84. Doodle VP

      Shrek would be proud

    85. Kay Tschumps

      Raw onion is very tasty but makes my nose hurt

    86. Peter

      What bout shoenice22

    87. Enrico Deiana Art

      try with garlic and let us know

    88. Adriana Fischer

      You wanna try 25 seconds? Nooo 😂😭

    89. Glamam

      The stench that must’ve come from the bathroom later 🤢🤢

    90. B

      This man is not human, I can handle tons of spice but onions man oof no wat

    91. Where Banana?

      I'm literally crying just from watching this lmao

    92. Black Knight

      Bro the production value for Matt's show has gone way the fuck up lol

    93. EpicAndrew97

      7:13 what happened to your middle finger?

      1. DarkBoi

        Just realized

    94. Enjayneer

      This man is a legend

    95. Player 1

      Shrek would be proud...

    96. كولرس x

      مللك 💕💖💖❤👍👍👍

    97. Anas Ijaz


    98. Anas Ijaz

      I am forget you

    99. AceRaven

      this guys toilet mustabeen worse than satan in his life before

    100. Dylan Young

      00:29:27?...... It says 00:28:27.. don't know why she said 29.. pfff lmao