How many Bags of Popcorn can I Eat? *super salty*

Matt Stonie

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    omg was this tough...

    50 Bags of Popcorn! I put alot of practice into the Popcorn Eating Championship, so I figured why not put my newfound Popcorn Eating abilities to use \u0026 make a SEprom challenge!
    Turned out to be way harder than I imagined...


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    These 'Bags' are no comparison to the contest 'Cups'. The bags were much smaller \u0026 we didn't accurately measure them. As reference, it took 20 bags of Microwave Popcorn to fill the 50 bags.

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    1. Nivaan Dedhia


    2. Antonio Prisco

      Mi hai fatto venire voglia di pop corn

    3. X_Hunter_X

      In 5:29

    4. X_Hunter_X

      Did matt stonie said shit

    5. P

      Normal people: We eat popcorn while watching movie. Matt Stonie: I eat popcorn and people watch me.

    6. Ariel Nir

      he is vomiting it afterwards

    7. Charles-Antoine Gagné

      Literally the person next to me at the movie theater.

    8. Ed L

      how the fuck do you stay skinnie? !!!!!!!!

    9. John Grand

      I feel like you either have diamond implants or you go the dentist weekly.

    10. Josh

      49 and 7/8

    11. Georgie McCarty

      your videos are fire lately

    12. HeyImDiSo

      BF:what you eat for lunch ? Matt:just 50 bags of popcorn nothing much BF: ....

      1. HeyImDiSo

        Bf as in best friend

    13. Ty Taggem

      Imagine a whole movie theater full of people. Pissed at Matt for buying all the popcorn to do this challenge. 😂

    14. ¿Kaiju?

      Nobody: That one guy in the movie theaters

    15. FBI

      Me at the movies: “Im not having any popcorn until the movie starts” *Also me 15 minutes before the movie*

    16. Minh Hoàng

      Chắc có mik là người VN 🇻🇳 ở đây

    17. billy nichols

      I love the cat in the background lol

    18. Chevaughn Arnold

      I guess this guy is allergic of putting on weight he eating thousands of calories and fat everyday and no weight something is wrong with this guy

    19. Danica Tiu

      Omg u should have ate it at movies :I

    20. Twig1323

      Do a POPcorn BALL challenge like the ones from Halloweeen and stuff 😂😂 feels so much easier and could by so much like the real thing

    21. xXnitroXx


    22. Gay Dekel


    23. DAY DOSE

      How do he eat all those and not gain weight what's the secret how

    24. Shoeb B

      Bro.. How much do you shit a day bro?

    25. Chris B

      Matt took a big pop after this...

    26. Prissell Almonte

      And this is why we love u

    27. Jimmy Newtron

      Imagine how much popcorn was stuck in his teeth after this video I can just feel the pain by watching this lol

    28. Dragon AMV

      Math teacher: he buy 24 popcorn bags how much did he buy for if each popcorn is $5 Me: who buys that much popcorn bags

    29. Energy Catalyst

      7:21 What language is this?

    30. Kezo

      OMG your are the king

    31. idk

      Its all fun and games until matt bites the inside of his cheek

    32. Odessa Barela

      Now I want popcorn

    33. Odessa Barela

      4:19 me: you might as well just eat the bag at this point

    34. Niculous Nelson

      I couldn't do what he did without variety

    35. SuperSaiyanTavo

      Anyone else noticed Matt stonie forgot to count the 25th bag? 3:47

    36. Rohit

      I wonder how he orders on movie place 🤣

    37. Paxman615

      Give the toilet a chance my g

    38. sinoy kamei

      U r great bro luv from northeast India 💚

    39. Karen DeLeon

      Popcorn is so good 🤤

    40. Yolo Dude

      This is when he is at the movies

    41. Black cat_hoodies

      Im watching this bc im eating popcorn

    42. A M

      You’d make a better time if every time you’re chewing a big mouthful you empty a bag of popcorn into the bowl, or when you’re drinking water.

    43. wolfe980

      Why is Matt's stomach an endless void

    44. Dakota Nicodem

      Weird question do you end up throwing up after your food challenges?

    45. Shaila Martinez

      Me: oooo My stomach: 💀

    46. CPS drewOP

      Eating machine 😂😂😂😂😂❤️👍

    47. Phuoc Nguyen 777

      Great food 👍👋👍

    48. Jaza Mahajan

      Someone said in this video, Don't breathe just eat ! 😂

    49. kiiski

      Image watching movie and eat all the popcorn before it starts

    50. Jeremiah Armstead

      My sister loves your videos and so do I matt

    51. Gleaming Duskit FAN

      Hes gums: this man's doing it again F**k This man.

    52. Asmat Parveen

      hungry hungry hungry 🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽

    53. YOONGI

      this guy gives me content that i enjoy

    54. Matmazel Rarity

      No one: Me when I’m watching a TV series or a movie: Edit: I only eating one bag of popcorn, not much not less.

    55. Charlie :D

      this reminds me of that one scene in Spirited Away when the green heads that turned into the baby started like shoving candy and snacks into their face lol, i think they were eating popcorn too that’s why i thought of it

    56. Nina Dees

      Your gums must be soooo unhappy

    57. Jaber Al Marri

      Where's Khaby

    58. Mig Nuggets

      Just watching this makes me want to run 3 marathons

    59. Bryson Ballard

      every bag took a minute

    60. Bryson Ballard

      How is your teeth not broken

    61. Alina Chorshanbieva

      Ту мум тунд.

    62. JasonXYT

      High blood pressure How possible? Teach me da way

    63. Beth Parys

      Me aggressively eating a bag of popcorn while watching this

    64. Mason :3

      Me:how is Matt not dead Matt:I’m magical with food Me:oh can I have popcorn then Matt’s mind:OH NO Matt:barfs Matt: there Me: :|

    65. Painplayz yt

      Floor after this video so much food Matt time to clean up Floor my family died and I get no food and there is a lot of paper this is not a garbage can Matt ehh idc just clean up the floor and house

    66. DarKlem 31

      Minute of silence for the bags

    67. NickToysReview

      witch one is saltier popcorn or poutine challenge

    68. Cloudy


    69. Criswell’s Channel

      Do how much peanut butter that you can eat

    70. William Wu

      I can’t even eat 1 without pain and he eats 50!!

    71. Nick The Human


    72. Ryker Cordova

      Movie: *hour left* Me forgetting I got 50 bags of popcorn:

    73. Kenda Clark

      The crunch is ASMR

    74. Rob Bauer

      Please make a documentary. I would watch the shit out of that.

    75. Sir Morally Incorrect

      I feel so bad. The amount of pain and suffering you had to go through, I can't even imagine. Lets give a round of applause to Matt... Stonie's stomach!

    76. console grenade

      I can’t believe you eat so much man why not fat you so much not bullying

    77. oldschool

      I can't stand for one carnel to get stuck in my teeth, I salute you!

    78. oldschool

      Congratulations Mattie, you deserve it!

    79. mohammed Abulgasim

      Ok 😳 why ru eating so crazy

    80. TAKASHY


    81. Marjorie Araneta

      Matt is possessed he never gain weight..Super fast metabolism..

    82. A BORITO

      Why does his friend sound like a hyena

    83. mistercool1999

      That’s almost 1 bag per minute. That’s crazy still even with a break

    84. Lexus Lfa Jonas

      The next time in the cinema I will enjoy my popcorn even more xD

    85. Rex Mohler

      Whenever I tell my friends I’m hungry they send me a ton of your videos

    86. Koko •

      Rip popcorn cutting his gums getting stuck in his teeth

    87. HD Movie Clips

      Me when I haven't even decided yet which movie I'm gonna watch


      After eating pap corns Me- mom pls give me a cup of water My mom- after eating pop corn we can't drink water Me- se this guy is drinking My mom- he is mad Me- no he is my one of the fav SEpromrs 😭😭

    89. Phꪖꪀtꪮꪑ

      Matt: *suffering* Cameraman: *laughs*

    90. That Guy

      0:43 No you don't Matt, no you don't.

    91. ethan Mason

      U can DO IT

    92. ethan Mason

      Come on stonie

    93. Nice

      His face be like

    94. Waffle Entertainment

      I could eat double, I like popcorn, besides that’s me at a movie theater.

    95. Buttery Biscuitss

      I would really like to watch your eating competitions if they were streamed on here or something

    96. reset vlogs

      1:17 when I'm watching my fav movie

    97. UsEliteSki

      this just looks absolutely unforgivingly brutal on the mouth.

    98. Patrick Lee

      This is a stupid idea.

    99. j Walster

      Nah, needs more SALT