Giant Sour Patch Kids Challenge x 2 (EXTREMELY SOUR)

Matt Stonie

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    The Family-Size Sour Patch Kids Challenge... x2!!!
    3.8lbs \u0026 6,300 Calories of Sour Gummy Candy!
    When I did this challenge back in 2018 it was very painful... so why not double it..

    What a ba.. I mean good idea!


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    1. Matt Stonie

      _The battle was long_ _The Candy was strong_ _Wounds deep_ _But alive and well I am, another day I will eat_ - Matt's Tongue

      1. Doge Gaming

        lol ur funny dude

      2. Perla Gaming


      3. Rameen Khalid

        rip ur tongue

      4. BabyThunder


      5. The Chosen One

        Good job

    2. Jaskirat Singh

      Kids can eat candies in secondds

    3. özlem erdem

      I love sour 😋😋😋😋

    4. TransBoyJay

      This made MY teeth hurt

    5. Brayhan Diaz-Martinez

      GOT ME

    6. Brayhan Diaz-Martinez


    7. ghost_ Oli33

      Try warheads

    8. Santiago Vazquez


    9. DelphineŠ World

      Is it just me or I can feel the sourness in my mouth

    10. Ogany Supreme

      What happened to his tongue near the end? What made it suddenly hurt so bad?

      1. Minh Anh

        The acid burned his toungue as you can see he was bleeding, eventually after a long break his flesh was ripped open and the sugar got in it thats why he was in so much pain

    11. AlanPlayz - Gaming

      Welp someone's getting diabetes

    12. Ahmad Halabi


    13. MemeLoneySandwich

      I would just enjoy it.

    14. Jayden Motta

      Umm it’s Cold calories 150

    15. Cloxk

      Hello temprist fans.

    16. Gus Tyrrell

      That looks sour but I like sour candy a little

    17. christylou valentin

      nice pome and i feel so bad

    18. averycason2006

      My mouth is watering

    19. Rafa Nararya

      Knowing full well of the pain he would experience, he forged forward and did the challenge anyways. This mans willpower is beyond understanding

    20. Hussein

      I like sour food but i dont like lemon i like lime

    21. Lefika Mbaiwa

      Matts Tongue: Im bleeding bro Matt: Well imma keep going tho

    22. Lanody

      Why is he eating like that i dont think its hard that much

    23. Okiki Makun


    24. •Sxmply_Ella•

      0:18 LOL

    25. كولرس x

      Matt Stonie❤❤👍👍 استمر

    26. كولرس x

      اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه استمر

      1. كولرس x

        Matt Stonie❤❤👍👍 استمر

    27. Caleb Riordan

      Bro I can't even finish a small pack of sour worms this would kill me

    28. Aspie Otaku

      I get hyperactive eating sour patch kids.

    29. arody_Games7x

      this sugar or salt

      1. Zedrick Canopin


    30. xzavier spencer

      matt stonies intestines are the real mvp

    31. 2kCheeser

      When you eat sourpatches honestly drinking water after is nasty the water just dont hit the same

    32. •LOLA_桃紅•

      When a kid does this , i think it will just take 10 minutes XD Cause its candy you know , and kids not realy afraid of sour :)

      1. addie theGr8

        Ah yes a child isnt afraid of their tongue burning off 🙃

      2. Barbara Rozploch

        Tue because i am A kid

    33. Anonymous

      The dentist be making a lot of money from your cavities 😂

    34. stonks

      gosh. the part where his tongue started bleeding.... and i cant even finish a regular serving of sour patch kids 😭

    35. Genaro Grcc


    36. Ivy🥀Rose

      Your tongue has mad skills and I’m not tryin to be a pervert lol

    37. dishwasher sauce

      weak 🤠

      1. dishwasher sauce

        @addie theGr8 good :)

      2. addie theGr8

        Ik you're joking but like the anger I have towards you is immense

    38. 《Mark Neistat 》

      Who loves candy! Leve likes

    39. syed fareed

      How did you maintain your diet 😋🤣. You eat lots of sweets and food full of calories. Love from Pakistan ❤️😌

    40. I AM

      You are LEGEND.

    41. Hadeel mohammed

      Stop harming yourself for others to intertain

    42. jersymel gaming

      Feel bad for him

    43. Sascha Huber 2


    44. Angry Spaceman Inc.

      Matt Stonie: now it’s time to hear from our sponsor. Me: double tap double tap double tap.....

      1. Gareth Davies

        For all this free content I wouldn’t say it’s unfair he asks us to listen to an advert or 2.

      2. Tye Tingvold

        That’s what we always do when they do a sponsored video 😂

    45. laurean morgan

      Omg I feel so bad for him he looks so sad

    46. unicorn star

      Bruh that must be hard😂

    47. Leo's Xtra fun gaming channel

      Me seeing the thumbnail : it’s tiny then

    48. Swishyy

      How is Matt not fat

    49. Palemx

      7:50 IS THAT BLOOD?!?! 😨😨😨

      1. addie theGr8


    50. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      3:23 Here’s what you’re here for

    51. Michael Wong

      bruh how is that soo sour i thought there not

    52. Brooke

      I got a sour patch kids add-

    53. Mini Boss TV

      R.I.P Matt’s Tongue You lived aa good life

    54. Xtremedominations

      after you eat a lot it wreaks havoc on your toungue

    55. JT Vacca

      why are you not fat?

    56. Evelyn Anderson

      this would have been a great asmr!!

    57. Bryn Goldsmith

      Could you ship the rest of the Sour Patch to me please? The ones that are left?

    58. Golden Babay yoda squad

      You must get a lot of exersize so you don't become OBESE respect the effort

    59. Alan

      Bruh I could fell the pain in my mouth

    60. Alexander Moreno

      Watching an E made my eyes watering

    61. Suprxme

      R.I.P your tongue

    62. SYCO CLAN

      RIP Snoopdag

    63. S JB

      This seemed so incredibly painful. Love your content but praying you never do this again.

    64. Katie Duquette

      I love how he has designated sponsor music lol

    65. majeed sesay

      that was you though

    66. Sad Yeshua•́〈•̀

      It's because the cold ice water next time get juice or pop

    67. Sad Yeshua•́〈•̀

      You should of got juice stead of water lol

    68. jihane

      Wow how this guy didnt get a suger overdose of obese. How can his stomac hold that

    69. Brian Brian

      I feel for him I did 2 boxes over a period of 2 hours on a dare and my tounge was dying for so long

    70. Cass bruh

      my man ate 2 boxes of sour patch kids while i cant handle a single one

    71. Sharke_FN

      Americans be like

    72. atas100

      Guys don’t try this at home

    73. Pranav Datar

      The acting in the middle kindof keeps the audience busy I believe 🤣 nice try mat!

    74. Allen Almacen

      Matt stonie:MMM ME:Your eyes

    75. Jack Towner

      Omg you are a legend

    76. Hunt em furries Aa

      Ik this feeling, I’ve never had it before but Ik WHATS happening on his tongue. His tongue bleeds from the sourness and the sour goes in his wounds and stings the flesh and makes him in agony/pain

    77. Andrea Mete

      That sound painful I feel bad

    78. desrtoyer 59

      When I was in Japan, they had sour patch kids EXTREME. it was soo good😭 I can't find any back in the states.

      1. Luke, I'm on TV

        I just found some at my local gas station in MN

    79. Rhett Christensen

      They are not sour

      1. addie theGr8

        A ton on your tongue is. You go try to do this. You wouldn't be able to.

    80. Jude Gaming

      Can you plsssssssssssss get a bunch of pupachinos and give it to your dog!!

    81. pagen 12

      Cap eat 30 reaper wings

    82. Jareez_


    83. I'm not a potato XD

      God dam it this is me when eating so many sour patch kids

    84. Tahsin Rahman

      Girlfriend vs morgan needs to happen

    85. Mystical_Wolf_65

      if you think sour patch kids is sour your weird....

    86. Shosho and Mayar we are friends

      Why you don't have a job you should have a job if u don't you will be broken📷🎅💽📱

    87. Maxi Hook

      I feel so sorry for you😭🤤

    88. LovableCamera

      him after:🤮🤢😵😵

    89. Anthohny_

      It was you

    90. Nothing Left

      This is nothing. LA Beast vs Warheads, now that's a sight to see! 😃

    91. traxx the one

      Who was eating candy while watching this

    92. MC Gaming

      your Tung after that must of been bad

    93. LitBoyzWW

      Please dont do this anymore qe get worried

    94. JHaz

      I ate like two of the small dollar bags of them two days ago my tongue has been sore for two days. These things destroy my tongue

    95. I play games

      I would eat this with no challenge

    96. Nick gah


    97. Johnlee Colon

      My brain: "sour patch isnt even that sour" Also my brain: "thats why he is having 4lbs of it"

    98. Eric Andre

      Can we talk about what a scam those sour patch boxes are? They’re probably more than the packet that came inside the boxes, and there’s only one in each box.

    99. Aidan

      Girls: wow ew Boys y e s. s l u r p y. s. o u r. k i d s

    100. Johnny BlueGoo

      I know everyone’s tongue tingled then watered.