Giant McFlurry!! (20x normal McDonald's size)

Matt Stonie

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    The World's Largest McFlurry!! Potentially... I googled it and found no contenders, so I'm not 100% sure... but this one is PRETTY BIG
    Either way, summers coming and M\u0026M McFlurry's are bomb, so why not eat a GIANT one!!


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    1. Teenu Vinod


    2. Teenu Vinod

      chandei 🤓🥰🥶👿

    3. Zachariah Hockenbury

      The ice cream machine is working he just ate it all

    4. Tre Boy

      Can you make a video of what you do to burn all these calories off before your on your way to make the next challenge . Like what you do inbetween ?

    5. Agnes Kreft

      hw said beast food and the white text says "Not a Cut"

    6. Broli


    7. Broli


    8. SchreiRulesYouKnow

      McFlurry with the Burger King logo... But it's still mindblowing to me how big the regular size McFlurry is in the USA.

    9. Legendary Broskies

      1:49 The McFlurry is like *perfectly balanced*

    10. Mr. Dhar

      People earns to eat .. he eat to earn 😂

    11. honky canuk

      Have you heard of he BTS macdonalds meal. Can you do it as a challenge?

    12. SomethingSweet

    13. some random idiot

      Im confused how you still don't have diabetes😂

    14. Captain Crunch 64

      I've never had a McFlurry cuz I'm lactose n tolerant r some crap so I got no idea what I'm missing

    15. Kailosh Kalimuthu

      and I was wondering where all the mcflurrys were missing

    16. Michael Jumps

      Should of tipped a full bag of M&Ms in after pouring 10 McFlurrys. Layers 🤤

    17. Семён Штыков

      Has he ever heard about diabetes?

    18. Urban Meyer

      when you do these kids of videos, you should do the intro AFTER you consume the food so it doesn’t melt! love you matt

    19. Pokemon Pokemon

      It’s all melted so it doesn’t count

    20. ReallyySwipyYT


    21. Ferg K

      I'm pretty surprised the McDonald's you went to had a working icecream machine. But you probably killed it afterwards for everyone else.

    22. Chase

      Hard candy and cold ice cream is literally a nightmare for me. I don’t understand how y’all enjoy McFlurrys.

    23. Spunch Bop

      Toilet reveal at 15m subscribers please

    24. Giri Playz

      i believe that there is a portal in his *stomach* which leads to the *universe*

    25. Dio Over Heaven

      I don‘t understand why in america almost all ice cream mashines are not working ( according to the comments here and the memes) i live in germany and this never happened once

    26. Bill Cipher

      I remember my mom used to work at McDonald's and would give me a free McFlurry when I use to go with her and play in the play place

    27. tharanum nayeem

      He eats faster than my internet connection

    28. Energy Catalyst

      In my country they don't even mix the McFlurries, they just sprinkle the M&Ms on top.

    29. Red amazing warrior

      The dentist is gonna be so mad

    30. Marvelous motion

      Feel bad for your health 😨 you should be careful theres a chance you could get diabetes but these kinds of vids are for views to watch

    31. Punjabi Sher

      Don’t the machines work in the US or what like here in the UK we always get our stuff standard

    32. Punjabi Sher


    33. Pooran D

      So your metabolism is a demon?_.

    34. CDF_falipe_duro

      I am eating nothing and I am fat how you are eating 8,000 calories and your not fat

      1. Marvelous motion

        Exactly LOL😂 not sure if this is fake

    35. De Lynch

      He forgot it was McDonald’s McFlurry lmao

    36. A Roh

      Hot take: m&m mcflurry> oreo mcflurry if you don't agree then try it first and then have an opinion.

    37. Hi - Chew

      Love mcflurry a all and big one yes pls 😍😍😍❤❤❤💜💜💜💕💕💕💖💖💖💘💘💘💗💗💗🎀🎀🎀

    38. Brandon Howard

      Oreo my brother that's the way to go

    39. Mohammed Rahman


    40. JerryLursx

      Was that a fried chicken bucket originally??

    41. Jaime Renteria

      Thats a McCurry;(

    42. Jaime Renteria

      I want some milk from the queen of England not the other one of pharma

    43. Joyce Krahenbuhl

      Is it Busan Busan

    44. robloxruins67

      people when he pulls out his band: ah shit here we go again

    45. joker

      the fact that his head band didn’t get wet or he didn’t dirty it is more impressive than what he did in all his vids

    46. Coconutmilk -

      Where the fuck is my 70k food on monster legends u liar

    47. Mz juicy

      McDonald’s ice cream machine works ?

    48. Faisal Iqbal

      you let me down

    49. James Ferebee

      It's weird that he picked M&Ms over Oreos that weirdo I love your vids but cmon

    50. It's Chxzl

      “it taste like a mcflurry too” when you can’t taste: how does a mcflurry taste like again?

    51. Ram Carbonell

      he is so enjoying it at the first second but now his teeth is starting to hurt so badly lol

    52. Pryor Inman

      Oreo is ur mom

    53. Vuvu Giwu

      plz explain how this man did not die from frozen teeth

    54. its Kungfu overdrive Forty Five

      I'd love to see Matt stonie take on 30 hot pockets in 30. Minutes

    55. Inaya Shoaib

      Idk why but Matt stonie sounds liek jaden hossler

    56. Joshua Edwards

      this is why the ice cream machine always broken 😫

    57. Jack Armstrong

      Matt Stonie: eats about 9000 calories of ice cream also Matt Stonie: eksursiz

    58. Dylan McCormick

      There you go

    59. Dylan McCormick

      Why did you not just drink and chew

    60. SciFire

      Not to be that guy, but him eating cold stuff and drinking hot water back to back for a decent amount of time kind of made me anxious he was going to crack a tooth, but theres a really low chance of that happening.

    61. Chris Vang

      Matt should do the BTS meal before it is no longer around anymore.

    62. Damien Zeak

      Imagine if he was high😂

    63. lester egonia

      How to get diebeetus tutorial:

    64. Chay


    65. Chay

      RIO MARE.

    66. Chay

      RIO MARE.

    67. Chay

      RIO MARE.

    68. Noah B.

      How US McFlurrys look like

    69. Airplane _2501

      wait…the 20 mc flurrys he put in there are the NORMAL sizes in the US? In Europe it has like three times less volume and I am always full after eating it. How can you guys eat this? lmao

    70. Malika Lahroure


    71. Niels Lyhne

      wow your monster is the best i have it kills in spray

    72. Unwanted Content

      He doesn’t eat to live... he lives to eat

    73. gold heat

      Fly me out and I’ll complete that challenge

    74. Matt Anderson

      How the heck is this guy not obese ?

    75. Kordian 2

      Im about to die from cold 7:20 but when it comes to advertising Im immortal 7:40

    76. Happy Puffer

      inserts buko no pico op*

    77. Juszanders _

      i love how matt doesnt clickbait what a legend

    78. Vincent Klein

      The thing is if he would have just gotten Oreo instead of m and m's and he broke the Oreos he would not have needed to chew it

    79. Caramell Dansen

      I’m Lactose Intolerant and this video is making me say how much I miss ice cream 😭

    80. Camillo Favaro

      geez... forced perspective much? lmao

    81. Scott Besem

      M&Ms??? 🤢🤢 should’ve gone with Oreos

    82. Gary Lin

      This is the one thing that all kids wanted but never got

    83. Imfiboy ,

      داداش تو چرا انقدر میخوری چاق نمیشی؟ 😂😂😂

    84. Bharti Ranchod

      I love mc flurry

    85. Mohammed Rehman

      it's funny how Matt gets super excited in the beginning and is like hella annoyed and stuff towards the end then when he does finish it he's back to normal


      would have been better if yu had put it back in the fridge for a bit, too sloppy

    87. Elijah Castor

      The fact that it was so cold that he had to drink boiling water is that the McFlurry was REALLY COLD and he should stop eating Ice Cream for a long while

    88. claire chapman


    89. Johnny Haro

      True from McDonald’s they alway break ice cream machine

    90. shane g

      More Childish challenges?

    91. Rebecca Ayena élève

      I’ve got that go with my brother like like like two years ago I deserve I deserve $10,000 for my family because my family has zero minus on the bank account 000.00 0.0 minus nothing on their bank account I need it please help me and my family

    92. Jade Paula

      UK mcflurrys come in small and regular and they’re both less than half the size of the american regular mcflurry 😳

      1. Jade Paula

        @Punjabi Sher yeah true

      2. Punjabi Sher

        At least our machines work 😂

    93. the sacande YT


    94. Bobby and Charlie’s crazy dayz

      The impressive thing is how he keeps in shape

    95. notzameer \\\\\\\\\\__________\\\\\\\\\\

      How can you eat standing up?

    96. 468 B SREE RAM

      The fact that he even found a McDonald’s with a working ice cream machine is more impressive

    97. Chenduran Nagarajan

      Now we know why the ice cream machine is always broken

    98. Boris Sheen

      running out of ideas eh?

    99. oofter playz

      Giant mcdiabetes