Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

Matt Stonie

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    Pokemon is Back!!
    I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!

    Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!


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    1. Matt Stonie

      Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!

      1. Nicolas Acosta


      2. Ai Wus up


      3. Gaming with Andy

        Mew and mewto tag team

      4. Kendall's Playtime and Games

        Mewtwo and Coperajah

      5. Kipper


    2. MCcorrupt

      He is gonna be so fat

    3. Wronghouse


    4. Vignesh Gowlikar

      20:43, hmm... matt is a weeb too (on his tee), nice 😂

    5. Trayvon Ferguson

      Charizard and pikachu I hope if I get more I can have one

      1. Trayvon Ferguson

        I ment you btw

    6. Nestor Sanchez

      My favorite Pokémon card is charzard

    7. Gumball Comics

      My favorite is squirtle

    8. Max Se


    9. BryPlayz

      Imagine how happy mr Krabs would be if Matt walked into the krusty krab

    10. alan ochoa


    11. Greyson Ellis

      Pikathree pikatwo pikaone pikanone

    12. Greyson Ellis


    13. damian anguiano

      Chimchar.. show yo face. Haha was that Pablo fransisco

    14. REZA RP

      hi matt.i hope you are always happy

    15. Lil aj fun

      Score bunny

    16. matthew goacher


    17. matthew goacher


    18. Linda Rodriguez

      I think I’m weird but my favorite one is the Pikachu want any type

    19. Gardevoir Master

      My question is why is we’ve not in these packs

    20. BNF DYL


    21. Callum Rawlinson

      How on earth do u eat so fast and so much food and not get heart burn/indigestion or get fat like bruh I ate 1 happy meal and got fat

    22. Asher129

      My favorite pokemon is snorlax

    23. Matthew is cool


    24. SIR

      Anyone else get a Pokemon go ad during this lmao

    25. Bruce Zhang

      Matt walks in McDonald’s Chef: I quit

    26. ekd 88

      the fact i got a pikachu holo in my happy meal

    27. Dacie Atkins

      jigglypuff is my fav lol

    28. Ashlymae Pido

      #Charizard gx ranebow Rare

    29. Helen Miller

      All power ones

    30. Jacky Miranda


    31. Lima Ali


    32. Johan Dhandapani

      Swedenu Popplio

    33. TutU

      what did he say 10:39

    34. K_Swagger


    35. Sniperofgods

      Dude are you trying to kill yourself.

    36. Muhammad Danish

      It was some mini fries inside the secend box

    37. Muhammad Danish


    38. oliver roome


    39. Benny Plays

      This is my first video I watch from you


      My fav pokemon is froakie and his evos

    41. Yurby

      “Alright let just get to opening them already” a whole avertise meant pops up.

      1. Couz Were awesome

        Avertise meant

    42. Celsa Lopez


    43. Gamingwithlanz

      This guy eates all high calories, yet he is not a fat obese boy....

    44. Kaivan Johnson

      Is that guava juice kitchen

    45. Aerial ClapzYT

      M charizard

    46. Ronya Eu

      The cards is face

    47. Katerena O'Hara

      my fav pokamon is pea a shu

    48. sarah himelrick


    49. Gilberto Lopez

      I like the pikachu and the video

    50. Michael Williams

      I have a chimchar

    51. 。Happy Peeps 。

      Him when he eats 10,000 calories: still skinny Me when i eat 1 calorie: *BLOATED* (Gengar, mega charizard X, mewtwo, charmander, rayquaza, gyarados, dragonite, scizor(idk how to spell it), lucario and ditto are my favs btw)

      1. 。Happy Peeps 。

        @Davide Pellegrini ty for correction

      2. Davide Pellegrini


    52. Christopher Martinez

      My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu

    53. Vegeta ble

      Lol funny how us Folks In our 20s and 30s only know certain pokemon but not these newer ones lol notice how Matt stonie only recognised the og’s 😂

    54. Mouchumi Bagh

      "The Megatoad" Matt Stonie - The Greatest Eater Of All Time.

    55. Paxman615

      Mans buys 25 happy meals and is still in good shape, me:buys one happy meal and gain 200 pounds

    56. RZStArgazer_


    57. Waffle Entertainment

      He’s pretty much inhaling cholesterol at this point

    58. Waffle Entertainment

      *h a m b u r b e r*

    59. A-MAN GAMING

      After eating this much of happy meals he is not happy😂😂

    60. Vincent Gumayagay

      Pokemon collector too nice👌

    61. Sadick Arauz

      Why do I watch this guy when I’m hungry

    62. Melanie Hotchkiss


    63. Agent Dynamic

      I will love it if u eat normally

    64. Stoichici Geo



      matt, mc donalds is not healthy time to time it's okayy but that's too much really

    66. Clark Baratas

      Back then k was a kid im a pokemon card collector but i dont display them then i just collect them i dont watch pokemon back then i just watched it once i just collect the card because they look cool to me lol they're like money to me lol i have like a big pile then i have 1 Charizard idk its prise but i drawed in it 😂😂😂 now im a bit older im so mad at my younger self and i said inside me mind. (What a waste of money im so stupid) 😂😂😂

      1. The Gaming Chicken

        Honestly i think you are still a kid

    67. Jefferson Jarquin


    68. Owie Cabrera


    69. Bethany Mejia

      My favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo my second-favorite is Jigglypuff it just is so cute my third favorite is Vaporeon that's my third favorite Pokemon well because it's blue and I don't know if there's another color

    70. Scott Heaton

      The video and audio editing is amazing

    71. Thomas Drennan

      If you crammed supersize me into a SEprom length video.

    72. Muhammad Faizan


    73. HJ Gaming

      I got shiny pikachu lol

    74. Laura Daia


    75. Savagez

      how much food my mom sends me at school:

    76. Σωτήριος Στεφανίδης

      You look like a slim but you can eat everything

    77. Ans Hakim

      I know y'all heard this multiple times but he definitely has a black hole inside his stomach

    78. Julian Kattoura

      My fav pokimon is pikachou

    79. oldBsri

      How can he be so skinny?

    80. Hanawi Hanim

      My favourite is all

    81. Ch8lled fox

      He must be full

    82. Kristoph Burgess


      1. Kristoph Burgess

        I Love chamand

    83. Sofia Mata


    84. Rosy Martinez


    85. Brenda Macatiguib

      Or pikachu

    86. Brenda Macatiguib


    87. Alicia Buccini


    88. Cristian Flores

      yo mom

    89. Free Fun for All


    90. Nikki Goddings


    91. Gordon Ramsay

      Thought he was about to say raid shadow legends ngl

    92. Senpai


    93. Rg Lesgo

      *inhales happy meals

    94. Rg Lesgo

      It was your 99th card

    95. Tomy Nur

      I have a lot of Pokémon cards

    96. Ahmed Bobman


    97. MythicBabyGrogu Xx

      Who this is not hate but why u not donate da happy meals to charity


      Honestly I thought he was gonna devour those happy meals

    99. Shayden Cabural

      They did not give me pokemon cards on that day I think you bot it all😂😂😂

    100. Garett Loveland