DESTROYING my 1st YouTube Food Challenge (New Record??)

Matt Stonie

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    Over 10 years here on SEprom!!!
    Thought it's be cool to revisit my First Food Challenge Video and see how I compared to the old me!! 2010 vs 2020 vs 6lbs of Pizza.


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    1. Matt Stonie

      Baby Stonie got BEAT!

      1. Martha Minchala

        Matt you a big eater

      2. Meer exe


      3. Rupayon Das

        Damn son

      4. Justen Yang

        So true

      5. Galaxy Skull


    2. Xaviyan Parker

      # old man stonie

    3. Jesse Gopaul

      Fun fact, 2010 Matt ate this in 18:05 And 2020 Matt ate this is 5:54 That's approximately a 12 min difference and a 32.63% increase in speed. Big up to our boy Matt.💯💯

    4. Bui Sy Dan

      The annoying german superiorly fence because otter daily trace down a festive glider. stimulating, resonant couch

    5. Mrbeast man 250

      This vid makes me sad……. R.I.P mini stones 2010-2021

    6. Martha Minchala

      In a food competition

    7. Martha Minchala

      I want you to vs Joey the best eater

    8. _Winchester_

      The ninja turtles wouldn’t stand a chance lol

    9. Frozen Ice

      You're job is my dream job

    10. Winner_ Gaming

      "The only person that can beat me is me" I hope someone got that reference

    11. Rohit

      What's the song at 9:45

    12. the great rohail ahsan

      this guy is a beastttt

    13. lemon demon

      He need more challanges

    14. Jonnel Reyes

      Its owesome idol

    15. Jonnel Reyes

      Oh my god idol stonie your destroyed.

    16. blo_xy boy

      I love 🍕 pizza🤩🤩

    17. Parth Mamgain

      When coach says he got potential,he only needs to work on it .

    18. Vedika Salot R- 35

      I have a question do you do exercise after eating all of 🍕 I love pizza

    19. The Impossibles !!

      The time he finishes the whole pizza is the same time as me finishing 1 slice

      1. A very pog gamer

        5 minutes for only 1?

    20. Cris Formage

      3:12 - 3:17 When you measure your big boy downstairs

    21. dink fam

      When you're really good at what you do that your only competitor is your old self

    22. Summer Fusilier

      You know I was born very close I was born in 2010 wow

    23. Deox TV

      When You're lvl150 and you went back to lvl10 quest that gives you struggle when you're low level

    24. Deox TV

      Nice smurfing stonie

    25. Aarush Deepak

      He took the meaning of *Your your own enemy* To another level



    27. ahesa Адамов

      OMG 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    28. Wwe 10.0

      Nobody will invite u in dinner😂😂😂

    29. Alma Gumamit

      Congrats that u win in the taco contest

    30. Lance Floray

      Matt vs Food, Matt vs Food, Matts just a hungry Dude

    31. Juan Diego

      Do it again after ten years again.

    32. Gary Jasso

      Your a fucking monster bro definitely want to buy some merch now.

    33. Lilbenz

      Bro ate the first slice In 7 seconds 😮

    34. ziqu

      Holy sh*t 4:36

    35. Sanchita Majumder


    36. melow 1500

      The food is good and all, but is no one going to talk about the metal in the background?? That was epic

    37. Gaming for bots

      *GAG* *GAG* *GAG*

    38. Headhunt101jay

      Anybody here in 2021

    39. Arsya

      matt stonie in 2030 will beat you sucker

    40. coffee

      I broken that record way long ago before u did this video lol, I can eat a whole 8 slice pizza in about 3-5 minutes

    41. Lubna

      مو معدهه خباطه سمنت 🌚💔.

    42. Alana Daniels


    43. blake tyler gray

      matt is a monster 🍕

    44. Quad Quins

      Watching this and to the side of me Health ad

    45. Sarah White

      Younger him could never!

    46. In404nI

      "old man stonie" has a ring to it

    47. mohd zafar

      Great. Won't think any1 cud even come close to that time ..... Haha👍

    48. Novar

      thank you matt very cool

    49. NowherePhotp

      Dude why didn’t you go to fourth street pizza?

    50. Il Ventu

      All italian on this moment 🥲

    51. Islam Quran

    52. landon

      rip pizza party

    53. Paul Varda

      this guy must spend hours on the toilet.


      super awesoMe stonie:) cheers on pizza beers:) nonsense naveen:)


      Why does this guy never get fat

    56. Aaryan Karnik

      Next year time : 30 seconds


      The video litteraly started at 6:45 wtf

    58. arbitrary warm night tea

      My dude at a slice of pizza in two seconds-

    59. console grenade

      How do you not chok you have do much food in your mouth

    60. TV_The Screen

      for some reason I'm allergic to pizza crust

      1. Zedrick Canopin


    61. RoblaxionOfGamer

      Imagine just eating food really fast for a living

    62. Lil young Smitty

      Balance strong so I love your videos

    63. Matthew Compton

      eating that much pizza would make me hate pizza

    64. QuaX Relax

      I hope he tries to do it again in 9 years

    65. AlphaValiant

      You are amazing nothing can beat you👍

    66. Alperen Korkmaz


    67. bhavya budhiraja

      Ye to murthal ke aloo ke parathe Ka challenge lega whaan pr bhi jeet Jayega😂

    68. NEIL TV

      Camera trick 🤘

      1. Zedrick Canopin

        Stop being stoopid Your an embarrassment in the world

    69. Hadi Randhawa

      How do u get all those burps out

    70. Dark

      god mushroom and olives are gross

    71. Lexus Lfa Jonas

      In Germany this would feed 4 and (maybe) more people, wow o.o

    72. Brendon Ching

      Bibos is lighter because it’s NY style thin crust. One of the best pizza spots in SJ.

    73. Book St3210

      2030 MattStonie : I'm gonna beat myself in 10 years ago MattStonie : 1:00

    74. A R.

      What Matt didn't tell us is he visited Pizza Party a couple of times afterwards and basically put them out of business.

    75. Joanna Kim

      dude literally ate a pound of food a minute

    76. DEFT •SKG•

      thats literally a pound of food entering your body under a minute 6 times

    77. Hills Judson

      The sordid responsibility joly surprise because shrimp invariably lie to a psychotic shirt. foregoing, thoughtless parcel

    78. Cloudy

      Bro I can't even eat 4 slices without being full

    79. Ryan

      7:22 he was like oh shit this is easier than i thought

    80. James Porter

      I think the phrase "I don't know where he puts it all" has never been more pertinent!

    81. Gamin' God

      he measured both ways the diameter, its a circle it would be the same diameter any way you measure it

    82. Waleed Ashfaq

      he got free pizza for one year at pizza party and they shut down lmao, how many did he eat????

    83. GiGGeL FiSSeL

      Er stopft ganz schön 😂

    84. Zerin tasnim Samiha

      U should eat a meal slowly one day.we really want to see that

    85. Srg Waffles

      You can really tell the difference in speed when he is competing against a previous time

    86. PaTpAt

      Imma order pizza's now 🍕

    87. lewis nocho

      Yeh no suprise they went out of business they where giving anyone free pizza

    88. rebbulldesertduke


    89. IG-Starcaliber_card_invester joe

      Matt stony is the steph curry of competitive eating!

    90. Shaila Martinez

      Hard to breathe

    91. sudip sunar

      He starts eating at 6:54

    92. polski

      He was in the i busted my belly t shirt and he immediatly changed to a stonie pizza shirt wtf

    93. Lonke

      Do you starve yourself to get ready?

      1. अर्जुन्


    94. Pax Games

      He looks so enraged while eating the pizza

    95. Number One

      والله وحش

    96. Stormieremmy

      Every video I watch of his I get so hungry and think I can eat a lot to but then I fail terribly lol. Matt Stonie is a different type of human.

    97. Puht8toe

      Bro a pizza is 8 slices just take away two slices???

    98. deathstar562

      damn bro how can u eat all that food?hardcore training

    99. Sonny Tello

      i love how in most vids morgans just like "com on com on!" such a good hypeman no kap