Could you Eat this in 90mins for $3,500? (Challenge DESTROYED)

Matt Stonie

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    Last week a tweet blew up that involved alot of McDonalds food.. I was reminded so much of it I decided it'd be good to settle it once and for all..

    Tweet this challenge is based off of.

    Pat McAfee's attempt at this challenge


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    1. Grant Dubiel

      Mcdonalds isn't filling for me, I could do this

    2. DELTA

      I think this challenge was for Morgan eating in 90 minutes

    3. nottinghamshire

      That's pretty feasible.

    4. snack_mngr 247365

      Add a 4oz bottle of Castor oil...

    5. KILLER 010

      90 mins is to long it should be 15 20 mins

    6. G P

      Toi t'es un champion

    7. nami

      well now im hungry i guess.

    8. Stryker

      this is how o feel whenever I eat at cheesecake factory

    9. El chapo cand avea pojar M24

      Wtf i eat that food in 15 mins😂😂 for no money

    10. Kanav Dhawan

      Did you received 3500$

    11. Infinite Onions

      Bottom left there is still the sauce left

    12. Dabstronaut

      When matt was done eating he made these grunts and I’m just like “is he ok?”

    13. Cahir Mac Bhloscaidh

      Why is his kitchen the size of my house

    14. Jason Chen

      If I never got full I could def eat like 2 times of this in 90 mins

    15. Diablo codm

      In 90 minuts and this n-word need only 10

    16. 〤 Jokerツ King


    17. CqtnuNick

      I mean Free lunch 😂

    18. Basil Azez

      Wow yore so good at this


      He'll of time


      I can eat in 60 mins

    21. The hunter Plays

      I could in like 30 minutes no joke

    22. Aiden Molina

      I’d do that for free 😂😂😂

    23. Maya Hatchett

      I feel like I could do it

    24. The dynamic Duo

      Bro that’s light work

    25. produdy YT

      id take forever enjoying it

    26. blank

      90 minutes lmao easy!

    27. Blaze :3

      In case anyone is wondering, because the timer kept going when Matt finished the last coke, he got 8 minutes 56 seconds and 4 milliseconds

    28. Koolest Kid

      Jesus loves yall

    29. Bruno The Magician

      Could do it in 50 mins tbh

    30. cliftt

      Didn't expect Morgan to eat half of it.

    31. Plab

      This guy did it under 10 minutes and that picture did it with and also he had much more food than him on the photo that guy's thing on the photo was 1:29:35 And he has 8:56 that's 8 minutes and 1 hour big difference

    32. cliftt

      He's getting more than that just for the hits on this video. 🤷

    33. Plab

      I wish i was this rich so i could get mcdonalds.....

    34. Mr Niker

      I don't even eat fast but I could put that down in 25-30 mins on an empty stomach, especially if it was for $3,500 lmao. I'd be slamming the whole tray into into my stomach

    35. Dayunginnn 10

      That’s ez for me but he got dis😎😎

    36. L Kennedy

      Do that 15 mins ffs easy

    37. mcmontral

      Morgan did a good job bro 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    38. Mobile Gaming

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter was in the comments

    39. Mr X

      I could do it in under 5min….

    40. J BL

      How he inhales all these foods and remains that size is beyond me

    41. ZooBatCoward

      Ive felt super full it sucks so bad

    42. ZooBatCoward

      I think the real challenge for a competitive eater is trying not to enjoy the food. And eating it faster

    43. Kusinerong Magikiro

      I challenge you sir.. I will break your record kick me in my home

    44. Declan O Rourke

      I'm hungry now

    45. 5ive 5tar

      Yh with some laxatives 🤷‍♂️

    46. Ali Alshaikh

      That’s so fucking easy

    47. Magic Man

      Easy easy easyyyy

    48. Gangster Computer God

      That's a fairly small amount of McDonalds for an average-sized person, I'd say? The main reason fast-food cooks so fast and "last" so short is that there isn't much density to it. I wouldn't WANT to eat a double helping of nuggets in that timeframe, but I could easily.

    49. Oliver Norton

      Didn’t house party like get hacked or something

    50. Johannes Schöttle

      why hasnt he learned the open throat chug for the beverages yet?

    51. Hafeza JANNAT

      How'd you even try to do this ? I wouldn't even be able to eat one burger

    52. SSJBrolyShow

      fake fake

    53. SSJBrolyShow

      only 2 large fris???? all those meals come with them too wheres the oither 2 boxes of fris

    54. Gaby ツ

      pq eu tô aqui

    55. Oscar Howarth

      90 minutes is actually pretty generous.

    56. Zaid Hamedi

      POV Matt's stomach 🥴

    57. Happy Kids

      When does this guy get full!!

    58. Viper Playz

      i wonder why he is not gaging XD

    59. Sammy #1

      It looks like a lot of food for the average person to eat in 90 minutes.... It looks like a snack for a professional eater in 90 minutes🤣😂🤣

    60. Hater:BTS sucks. Army:u got no jams .

      Everybody in the comments saying eating the food is easy and soda is tough , but I feel the food will be more tough cause I have eat meals like this too not this much fast but in one sitting .

    61. Nikos Kardabikis

      Φατα ρε μαλακα με την ησυχια σου

    62. juice

      i could do this tbh

    63. 大戸愛 センター

      Mukbangers has this as a left over snack

    64. Solar

      Thats a light snack for dream

    65. Alexander Bleide

      I will do that for free

    66. Patrick Rodrigue

      I honestly feel bad that he didn’t actually get to enjoy the meal.

    67. Saarzar


    68. TacoGamingYT

      i can do it in 50 mins

    69. ItzEJGames 2.O

      What does it mean when he said "can we double the food portion of that"

    70. Pudding Roblox

      ues easily when can ic come

    71. Bruce Zhang

      Could you finish this and 90 minutes Matt: so The zero is silent

    72. 6Malico

      he did it in 90 mins but erase the 0

    73. Tyler Kordalis

      Hell yeah I l can I thought it was 50 nuggets then u said 30 even better

    74. Mahima Vorajani

      You are marvelous

    75. Kareem Campbell

      I really, REALLY just want this man to just take his time and enjoy a meal someday

    76. hector lamil

      I could do this I 5minutes

    77. Sub To BobPlayZGames

      Did anyone see the frie between the trays he didn’t finish

    78. Aiden scoots

      𝙱𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚙𝚕𝚣 𝚒 𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚠𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚊𝚜 𝚖𝚞𝚌𝚑 𝚒𝚗 𝚑𝚊𝚕𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎

    79. Sumair Aziz

      How bro😱

    80. Ralph_highlyfavored Rondo

      Im determined to to beat this!

    81. Hydrovortex28 algaridi

      matt eats a burger in 25 seconds me eats a burger in 10 minutes

    82. Ajax 0:

      This mans poops must be bigger than his body

    83. Ian Arthur

      I... I don't understand.

    84. Ali Max

      بحبك انت و امك ❤️❤️

    85. Jessica Mitchell

      How tf r u not fat

    86. Joseph Stalin

      This is like a normal meal for me lol. this means nothing to me.

    87. David Slater


    88. Falconz PlaysZ

      I think 90 mins is enough time for like any average person .

    89. Gary McCloud

      This is what all of our grandmothers think we are

    90. SpaZ DarkMoon

      I'd do in in 20 test me go on

    91. Adaminator

      I’m just here for the food

    92. Aryan Asrin

      This would be every kids dream to eat this

      1. Scott Nelson


    93. Golden Fresh

      Why am i watching and im on a diet

    94. Sudeshna Rai Bohora

      How are u this skinny eat this much man

    95. Caleb Riordan

      Was the 0 a typo?

    96. Hacked

      *0 has no value*

    97. Miguel C

      Is anyone watching this while eating McDonald’s

    98. MR Entrémattor

      Good 👍

    99. veve

      Teacher: no eating in this class Kids in the back of the classroom:

      1. Scott Nelson


    100. peeps

      i could do it in less than 30 ez