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Matt Stonie

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    I love pizza

    This week for the spin wheel chose PIZZA! Ordered 5 from a Mod Pizza near my house, had it delivered, all while :)

    Have any Questions or Ideas for the next episode, please let me know in the comment box below!!

    is kinda my attempt to pump the inititive, to help local businesses and resturants keep aflot during these difficult time. If you can, consider ordering some Takeout or Delivery on Tuesday's, and feel free to share your food photos with me on my social accounts!!


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    1. Eliza Hooper

      I like barbecue sauce o my pizza.

    2. BryPlayz

      6:10 Gray is so cool

    3. Mitchell Heuser

      14.3 milli subs, lmk when it’s at 20million

    4. Jam Car

      Matt should have a gaming channel and play fortnite on it

    5. abdulkadir ahmed

      When did you srarted food challenge

    6. VIhanga Sadew Paulas

      do you have sugar or cholesterol

    7. George Wrathall

      Loved hearing Animal Crossing!

    8. Jack Bob

      His like a monster😍

    9. kapil sharma ✅

      How many times he have to roll that to get pizza exactly 😁😁

    10. kachow6 9

      Ranch is ass

    11. Plasma on Rl

      I can’t eat one and he is eating 5

    12. Ranya Tariq

      Matt can you plz continue to make takeout Tuesday plzz like who ever agrees

    13. _TTV_Shadow_RTB _

      Where’s ep 3???

    14. Leon Booyens

      U have to take a 2L milk and add 6 packets of drink o pop and mix it well and then drink it

    15. Leon Booyens

      Matt i love joure videos and have jou dan a milk and drink o pop challenge

    16. Captain Gaming

      Matt: *shows a photo of him showing a hotdog to his dog* Me: w o w

    17. Ethan Cartwright


    18. Stryker Sullivan

      It's been forever since I had ranch on pizza PS i have a question do you work out

    19. Kokichi Oma Likes Panta

      now we are all experiencing animal crossing burnout

    20. Leroy Jenkins

      Matt stonie vs sasha braus G O

    21. Mehmet aslan

      I ask myself so many times how this guy not get fat

    22. Light fury

      I can eat only 2 whole pizzas

    23. Governor Crotch Grabber

      I wonder why you havent been to Antarctica. Lol

    24. Jordan Johnson

      How do you not like ranch on pizza 😂

    25. Fernando Sanchez

      Are you going to do more challenges

    26. Fernando Sanchez

      That looks good

    27. Heet Mehta

      How do you stay fit whilst eating this much ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

    28. Dante Smith

      I've never been a huge pizza person. I do dip in ranch tho lmao!! That's the only way I end up enjoying it.

    29. Ben Kleinschmit

      Wow Matt that is interesting you have been to North America it is almost as I'd you live on North America. Not sounding mean just joking around. Keep making the good videos. 😀

    30. Cinnamon Sin

      BBQ pizza is my fav!! How can you not like it?! 👁👄👁

    31. Fabbly

      Matt is keeping restaurants in business

    32. GC Extras

      I thought he will order 5 extra large pizzas but instead of it, it is 5 small pizza. I am thinking that is his regular lunch when he is not doing challenges


      He probably had a bad heartburn the next day

    34. Samuel Tulsiram

      Do another takeout Tuesday

    35. Max Meza

      Matt stonie: and I’m lovin this meat. DONT CLIP THAT PLEASE also him: clips it.

    36. Eshaan Simha

      Nobody: Matt: Nintendo Switch

    37. Stefan Pupaleski

      i cant eat even one xd

    38. Zach Yammer

      Video ideas. Sale Saturday: Attempt competitive eating records on a budget and each week set the budget lower or *cough* Sponsor Sunday *cough*. Make it @ home Mondays: Make some of your favorite takeout foods at home (could also tie nicely into the budget challenge). Tuesday: #TakeoutTuesdays Anyone else have any good ideas?

    39. TJ B

      Couldn't finish the BBQ pizza!? Vag.....

    40. Landonninja4

      out of nowhere an ep 2 then never again

    41. Marvin da beast

      Do you feed the people behind the camera


      honestly surprised he ordered mods. it doesnt taste very good when cold.

    43. X B - R05 Vaels International School

      I love you Matt stonie

    44. matt christen

      what pizza are you kidding me that's way to much for you but you're whight will go up

    45. Harry Iguana

      Count number of times he said "pizza"

    46. daniremo daniremo

      "Shoulda ordered more" he said that so casually it scares me😭

    47. Etem Gökhan Bursa

      I would love to see that taco video.Will you upload it?

    48. Jarvis Omoto

      Hey bro you used to have a round face but now you have a chiseled jaw, what’s your secret?

    49. Yadhiel Lantigua


      1. Yadhiel Lantigua


    50. Talan Dove


    51. Sajid nadiadwala

      I love you bro 😉😉

    52. Taij Barrett

      Umm it's April 5th but the video says 1 year ago. Where does time go?😔

    53. Jivraj Singh


    54. Parham Abbasi

      where can i get hat wow sound effect pls someoen tell me the name of it

    55. Dylan Morard Music

      I love your videos they inspire me keep it up

    56. Tyson

      3:43 that's what she said Sorry Matt

    57. Anth0ny tHe PaPi

      When the next one droppin

    58. Johnnyduece7

      Matt: *orders 5 pizzas for himself Also Matt: “should’ve ordered more”

    59. Rubenstien

      How do you not gain weight?

    60. Criminal FF

      Damn 🤯 how can you eat that much bro

    61. JJobe Juice

      Bro had 5 pizza s and said I should of ordered more. I couldn't eat two of those

    62. Omran is fOrTnIte

      he says pizza 78967898678987

    63. Eric Cavazos

      What is a dish that you could eat all day, every day, for a whole month?

    64. MangoBackflips

      do more chill episodes where you enjoy your food

    65. Alejandro Pliego

      He really said should have ordered more. 😂

    66. Philip Hahn

      Yeah Matt, you have literally no reason to go to Amarillo Texas other than to do the challenge there's nothing there

    67. Yassir Idtaleb

      I caught you saying I’m loving this meat in 4k

    68. JoseLopez64

      He was playing Animal Crossing while he was waiting for pizza lol.

    69. Shark Man


    70. Andrew Norris

      Ranch and pizza is delicious especially on bbq chicken pizza 😂 love the videos tho

    71. Disc Golf Digest

      Great video. I’ve worked as a chef in a few restaurants and the true test of a good pizzeria is to order a plain cheese or margarita pizza. If they can’t make a decent plain slice, then it’s not good pizza and they shouldn’t be making bbq chicken pizza. You are a true foodie!

    72. Mohamed Ibrahim

      6:05 My man ate them all except one lol

    73. joe Parra

      lol forsure he throws it up after

    74. Kiyya Dawit

      why haven't you ever introduced your camera girl

    75. Oscar C

      this is a rip to the people watching behind camera like do they get ready before you start eating them foods?

    76. Fabian Roesler

      The title was a lie, he left half of a pizza 😱

    77. Gaurang Annigeri

      Nobody: Your girl when she sees me: 3:43

      1. Jimmy Cena

        🤢 🤮

    78. Serge Merg

      Animal crossing is boring in my inpoion

    79. Kevin Aalberts

      pro question.....why the Hell dont you gain weight...???? how is that Not possible with you???

    80. musicartism

      Stay strong girl... stay strong 😌

    81. Ryan Bush

      The secret bottle comprehensively arrive because feast counterintuitively frame since a elastic bumper. ten, tightfisted mustard

    82. ツAOX-JOSHUA-CB

      That husky 😍

    83. General Kenobi

      dipping the pizza crust into ranch is insanely good

    84. Riley Carlson

      Bbq sauce breakfast bacon with pineapple and extra cheese and always dip in ranch 🤤🥓🍕

    85. Exemplu Tutorial

      Ai un aragaz Samsung?

    86. Z8ke


    87. Juli Cukaj

      I really think a lot about where all that food goes

    88. Fabian el master456

      why don't you try to speak spanish? please

    89. Hari Ganes

      When are you doing this kind of episode again?

    90. It's _CupCakeGlossy

      This video was on my 13th birthday

    91. Jahiem Cochran

      Matt Stone next time be 100 pizzas

    92. Amanda Nguyen


    93. Humble

      Second comment ;-; it’s sad but I just realized Greg the dog is a big ### dog

    94. Humble

      Things Matt does in quarantine: eating and play animal crossing

    95. Sub-to-me-guys • 9999 years ago

      Take a shot everytime he says 'takeouttuesday' and or 'pizza'.

    96. goodlies


    97. Byron Oh

      Q - Have you ever considered more seafood based food challenges? Like eating large amounts of Shellfish or a whole salmon?

    98. OmgItsKrylonic

      Bruh this mans taste buds are unreliable. Don’t dip in ranch? What????

    99. Pau Lina

      How does he not get fat😭😭😭😭😭

    100. Jamaal Ud-Dean

      i love your vids matt stonie you are th best