4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

Matt Stonie

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    A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (\u0026 still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M\u0026M's I still had!!...

    4044 M\u0026M's..... What a bad idea....

    Proof - seprom.info/clone/video/nM6jp7qgpHGRy6c.html


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    1. Sage is Sane

      Moment of respect for counting a mountain of m&ms

    2. Chika Fujiwara

      Chotto matte Its not medicine Chew it lol

    3. Yiğithan Şahin

      just count a one package and calculate all packages

    4. Isaac Smith

      Alternative method: weigh the whole container, without the m&ms, then with, then divide the bulk by the weight of a single m&m… but mad respect for counting out each one!

    5. Anubis God of the Dead

      1:24 you knew that before. But WE love you for Doing this "stupid" stuff Double the pain. Do it again but eat Them one by one 😵

    6. Mix Feelings

      Yea he need some Milk

    7. Odessa Barela

      Is he even chewing is he just swallowing with water

    8. Alpha Centori

      This is stupid..,not even funny!

    9. SadBeanBurrito

      Did you bite them

    10. John Hofe

      Guess I shouldn't have commented halfway through, but I figured he would kill it like usual.

    11. John Hofe

      1st trick or treater: let's stop here, their light is on. 2nd trick or treater: there's no use to stop there. Matt Stonie lives there.

    12. HEKTOR

      He just copied and pasted those m&ms into his stomach

    13. Marnia Khan

      Love ya matt your vjdios are the best

    14. Ean Thomas

      His blood sugar was probably at 4,000

    15. gabe medran0

      This man is a legend

    16. magdi youssief

      This guy will poop a rainbow 🌈

    17. George Wrathall

      I will buy you a counting scale bro.

    18. Animeboi

      Ranboo would be proud

    19. Jamesy

      Mate how does he not chew them Minds blown

    20. Somedudeonaiphone Chilling

      Useless facts: a purple mnm is really rare but the brown mnm is the most common

    21. Джозеф ром

      Это не возможна съесть

    22. Adaminator

      I’m surprised he isn’t fat after eating 18,000 calories of M&Ms

    23. Manuel_LJFFGT

      2:44 the end of the sponsor

    24. Erik Dahlgren

      63% done

    25. Saskia Thora


    26. hi this guy

      its odd to me that his not biting the m&m's

    27. MonkeyGaming ✔︎

      At least he counts them and he doesn’t clickbait

    28. Nightcore Blossom

      17 almost 18 thousand calories!! Holy cow, that’s the amount of calories I have in 2 weeks You are cool 😎

    29. Melody Tobya


    30. Jonathan Tarnate

      Melt and drink it with a straw.

    31. violet

      my guy swallowing them like there pills 💀

    32. HYPE_AMAAN

      He treats the m&m like tablets medication

    33. rajesh kumar

      Oh my god what happened for teeth?🙄

    34. Nabil

      What a shame.. you just swallowed them - that’s like risking diabetes without the pleasure!

    35. Richard Gibbs

      No chewing!?

    36. Davewyd

      He know he didn’t have to count them, he could have found the weigh of one. Then found the weight of all, and then divided the total weight by the weight of one

      1. 10 seconds ago

        That's what i was thinking

      2. Karitimuma

        That’s what I was thinking

    37. Blobby

      Why you bully your dentist

    38. David Iseminger

      Your a failure.

    39. He Pop

      Your trash kid 🤣

      1. He Pop

        Or what lil kid

    40. Aaron mosley

      Matt Stone dentist: so how did you get these cavities Matt Stonie : I ate 4044 m&m in one sitting

    41. diana eloy

      bruh i sill don't know how this guy is not fat he eats what i eat 100x times more and am fat asf

    42. james murray

      Is he even chewing those?

    43. TheHomie Jordan

      Wait just a dag-on moment...he wasn’t chewing..how did I not see this when I first watched this?

    44. LeFreak87

      In this Video, Matt looks like me on a electronic music festival ;)

    45. Zetsuke4

      I can eat more

    46. Zetsuke4


    47. Zetsuke4

      He’s not gonna finish it

    48. Zetsuke4

      That one chipped off mm disturbs me the green one

    49. Alex'sLife

      Rip this dudes stomach

    50. urdogwater

      He failed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.

    51. Pavithra Kumar

      You are the king

    52. Azizbek Shonazarov

      You don't eat them

    53. GokuBlaxk-Rosé

      it hurts to see him drink water instead of milk

    54. Niklas Malmqvist (n.m production)

      Did you really count them? How stupid! Why didn’t you just weigh them?

    55. Sam the ham

      All of the Karen’s would be like “Clickbait, he put 4,044 in the title when it was really 4,039, I want a refund!!”

      1. clown ass butthead


    56. Shaeed Mohamed

      Bro if you're sitting watching a movie and eating that much m&m ....it will finish in a flash....😂😂

    57. Nadir Chacur

      amigo no los masticaaaaaaaaaa

    58. Stanford

      Should’ve been 420 smh

    59. Glaze the amaze

      I would finish that in a minute

    60. Mikey Modelle

      that was a choking accident waiting to happen

    61. Sweat Al

      Matt eat the earth next bro or eat your house

    62. TheWoz


    63. andrea hernandez

      how this guy is so skinny? ._.

    64. William Nylander

      It’s better than doing yard work

    65. Kasia Basia

      Guys I'm on diet lol

    66. Joseph Pua

      Matt stonie matt why you what you are we know what i'm so happy for you but i get lucky today

    67. 521 jay

      Nop u have to chew them wtf

    68. Vinny

      how does he not have diabetes yet

    69. ﴿ شقىٰ .

      I think this number is too many

    70. _noname

      Let me guess, 5min?

    71. Hibaan Nasir

      dont eat this your teeth is dirty you eat heathly food

    72. Tobias Urbanowicz

      Mans never touching m&ms again

    73. kerry odwyer

      4:48 should be but mistake twice

    74. s3uoq

      Someone give the boy some scales

    75. Serene Dreemurr

      Imagine those M&M's as pills, and he's like Louis from L4D.

    76. the purple elephant

      Rainbow shit. 🌈

    77. Finley McClure

      Every kids dream is to eat this many m&ms

    78. SmooveBaby

      not trying to hate by i can him

    79. LeGoat JaGoat

      Why didn’t u dump bag by bag of m&ms and see the number per bag instead

    80. TheNeverWakingCat598

      This would he easy for me😂 cause i love candy

    81. Marshall H

      for a little perspective concerning his counting in the intro, there are 3600 seconds in an hour.

    82. • KeiraXtreme •

      Did he chew?

    83. Haolin Wang

      How is he eating M&Ms slower than I expected. Normally for these small stuff I’ll instantly finish 100+ Packets tho.

    84. Lil J

      This was hard to watch, all those yummy pieces of chocolate...not being enjoyed, but swallowed whole!!!

    85. Aiden Dessler

      This is my childhood dream

    86. ashley simson

      Is this dude swallowing mnms

    87. Vinnie Russo

      When did Matt stonie become so weak ?

    88. Shreya Rao

      Man eating m&ms like they medicines

    89. Praveen king

      Counting world rec😂👍

    90. 2xbarret

      Just imagine the pain it would take if he forgot where he was when counting-

    91. Izabella Rile

      Imagine how constipated he would of been after this video

    92. Елдар Арал

      Как он проглатывает ммдмсс??Я в шокеее!!!

    93. Mykolas Poznanskas

      there were halfs how you counted those?

    94. piotrek9600

      Imagine being his toilet

    95. Haikal Hasballah

      He lowkey swallowing M&Ms like there pills, it hurts me 😂👀

    96. Bob Bob


    97. Roblox and Vlogs

      i just dont think m&ms go with water

    98. man in black gaming

      Very good video But don't eat heavy

    99. Kalil Perry

      I wish these food challengers would make a vomit compilation. Anything puked within 24 hr post challenge . I'd watch the hell outta that shit . What's wrong with me?

    100. el alcahuete

      That can't be healthy