$1000 spent at my Favorite Steakhouse (108oz Wagyu + King Crab + more!!)

Matt Stonie

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    My Most EXPENSIVE CHALLENGE to date!!! $1000 of food from my favorite Steakhouse in the Bay, Alexander's Steakhouse. Really gonna miss having special dinners here... the food is so amazing...

    Food List
    $700 - 54oz Wagyu F1 Tomahawk Steaks (x2)
    $186 - Onigara King Crab Legs (x3)
    $48 - Hamachi Shots (x8)
    $36 - Macarons (x12)
    $16 - Truffled French Fries
    $14 - Blistered Shishito Peppers
    $10 - Fancy Fizzy Water


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    1. Matt Stonie

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      1. Grbd Doof

        @GLORY TO THE USSR He thinks you can.

      2. Grbd Doof

        @¤Dua Broqi° They do sometimes.

      3. ¤Dua Broqi°

        When you make these kind of videos I like don't eat much

      4. Grbd Doof

        @Meer exe True legend

    2. GRAD800M

      Что не съем, то понадкусываю

    3. T Time

      This is about as wholesome i seen him around food he doesn't wanna just go all in apart of him wants to sit and enjoy it thats why he started out so slow.. I salute you though man Idk how you do it eat all that and stay the same size not gut or nothing

    4. Luca Ostanello

      fancy water=normal regular italian water

    5. Lukester102 :D

      You know damn well that steak is so good 😂

    6. willow

      The crabs looked delicious

    7. Tanjiro kun1020

      I feel bad for the people behind the cam

    8. Pee

      How does this guy not look like a bowling ball

    9. meliodas ow

      His gf watching: can I have something too

    10. Heather Carmichael

      Meat Asmr 6:50

    11. Moose Memes

      Ayo that shit bussin

    12. Tim Ayalin

      Great to see you slow down and enjoy some of your favorite foods! Good luck in Vegas

    13. im fat

      I love how everyone is happy that Matt enjoyed his food, and so am i

    14. TheViper97

      The best thing is: video is 9:35 minutes long, but hes starting eating on 4:35.

    15. Aleks Zarzycki

      Diet coke was good choice it's important to balance kcal

    16. ashy knees

      Wow I’m the 400k like, very cool.

    17. Galaxy Senpaii

      Resident Evil final boss : Matt Stonie

    18. Bibi OMG

      i love these vidoes

    19. Lance Bareth Calamaan

      You don't work at a restaurant You eat at the restaurant

    20. Curiously Crazy

      Hey bro , did you just waste two days just eating?

    21. Adam Caridi

      You moving to Texas or Florida because California is a cesspool?

    22. Genos

      Why tf is he still so skinny

    23. Baran -


    24. Alex Yang


    25. Roddy Vane

      U are cool I wish I had an cow stomach

    26. Kendrick Collins

      5:36 That’s a lot of crabmeat!!! 😮

    27. devin sockwell

      MacaRON not Macaroon!!! It bugs me so much when people get them confused… those are Macarons… a Macaroon is a toasted coconut “cookie” with the bottom dipped in chocolate… also how do you pronounce Tom Cruises name?? Tome Cruise? Or Tom Cruise? Lol cause those are TOMahawks not TOMEahawks 😂😂😂 sorry for correcting you… just wanted you to be educated on it so next time NO ONE can mees with you!!! I got yo back bruh!! “I got yo back like chiroprac” -3Stacks/Andre3000

    28. Drumz Girl

      That water is not expensive, it cost £2 at Sainsbury’s…


      1000$ = 75000₹ Indian rupee OMG

    30. JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones

      awh m8, when he bites into the tomahawk. i presssed my face into the screen

    31. Sak :]

      Matt doesn’t fear diabetes… Diabetes fears him… Also Matt : C’mon it’s just a snack…

    32. Damian Btw

      i aint never seen a steak where its just white

    33. jason butchery


    34. Sanurah Marshall

      If your going to make eating God's just make a mukbang

    35. Victor Ramirez

      I’m glad he’s gonna enjoy the last steak.

    36. Keerthikrishna Jog

      Thats what I eat in a week You ain't normal....

    37. Nik Anis Hazlini

      sedap ya

    38. chickenthrower player

      I'm lucky to be named Alexander


      8:18 that's near where I am!

    40. Pododododo Ehoh

      I'm so happy you didn't binge all of that incredible food. The amount of work and time that goes into growing the cow that was harvested for that steak is immense. Savor every beatiful moment. Much love bro.

    41. Keisuke Baji

      Now he's gonna be fat


      داداش معدت خیلی بزرگه😂😂🍻🍻

    43. HsuMyat Noe

      Ohhh I wish I could be you .... I've never seen $1000 in my life .. I hope someday i can eat that you eat in this video ..

    44. Thet Ei Myat Noe San

      The camera man be like 🤤🤤 yummy 😋😋 We can't take this anymore 🤤😩

    45. Kamala Harrassment

      700 dollars...what a disgrace

    46. Hatche Ahmed

      Big meat

    47. Laren

      nice wpierdalanie

    48. Jonnel Reyes

      Your my idol to eat fizza and anything,your the best idol.

    49. Jonnel Reyes

      Idol im your fans.

    50. Jonnel Reyes

      How to sign up idol

    51. Jonnel Reyes

      Wow amazing idol.

    52. Abdulaziz Akhrorov

      Vegans literally hate this vid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. A silent Voice

        @devin sockwell Vegan sucks!! Take caring of the plants once it grows Vegans eat it! Just like animals!🐵🐔🐶🐷

      2. devin sockwell

        LMFAOOOOOOO!!! “He killed that Tomahawk cow and didn’t even eat all of it!” Lol that’s how dumb they are

    53. ZEROVertex Crypto

      I’m superised he is not fat after this

    54. No. 1

      For what bastard😒😒

      1. ??????

        To enjoy the food ofc, stop hatin

    55. Berkay Aslan

      allahım senin alahındır

    56. Sharon Sebastian

      Dude you are doing a muckbang except they eat way slower than we expect and you eat way fast that we expect

    57. Mariam Nafisa

      Why Did matt stonie take commerce? -Bcz he wanted to count calories😂😂😂😂

    58. Honzaツ


    59. Kaif khan

      Real video starts in bathroom 🥵✨⚡

    60. Boris Sheen

      moving out of your moms house nice!!

    61. YungToeCrust !

      “Japanese pumpkin?” “No, pumpkin pie pumpkin” 😂😂😂

    62. Friendly Voice

      Girll behind the camera better get treated after seeing you eat all this awesome food.

    63. _German

      my mouth is officially watering

    64. To Her Focus And Attention

      His love affair when he ate the seafood crab legs

    65. Roxy Price

      I got current

    66. Sonic 7


      1. ??????

        He moved

    67. kxt

      ayo main street cupertino?? i used to live there lmao

    68. HigherLevel Thinker

      0:41 missed oppurtunity to say «holy cow»

    69. Somedudeonaiphone Chilling

      Man i didn’t know Matt costed less then a thousand dollars in the thumbnail

    70. David Jacob

      I can’t take this

    71. Ushuf Bohara

      why am i watching this on an empty stomach (2)

    72. Manu

      It’s been many years now, still can’t imagine how big his poop is after all these eating.


      any indian here😂😂

    74. LiLBuckYT

      You ever wonder how Matt Stonie would do on doing the "BIGGEST FRUIT SALAD" It would be something different 🤔🤔🤭🤭

    75. itzenesplayz

      Making a bank account on current is 18+ right?

    76. Karen DeLeon

      I am hungry 🙇

    77. Corbin 86

      Look at him in his bow tie :D

    78. Samantha Beard

      Bro why you easy on French fries I’m 8 and eat them faster than you

    79. Erik Estrada

      When was the last time anybody spend $1000 on steakhouse

    80. Kadir Bey

      Türkler Kendini Belli Etsin.

    81. Joshua Keddy

      Them steaks look 🔥

    82. Dark On3shot

      The beef looks so good I am eating cereal and I want some of dat steak

    83. Minmin123

      RIP: Matt Stonie’s Toilet

    84. SSONG ASMR

      *Me after watching this: "I don't need sleep, I need more food"!* 🇰🇷💜

    85. Jessica Coralde

      This guys jaw line from just eating...

    86. Cherrie

      He's type of guy that never shares food to his friends

    87. Aks P

      Legends know the restaurant didn’t charge him

    88. Will’s Gaming

      that looks so good!

    89. Luka Gjorgjievski

      Iam hungry i go watch you

    90. Vedant JHA

      How does he digest so much. If I eat so much than I have to actually go on a diet for next one month

    91. Dilon Oshan

      4:33 your welcome

    92. Evan Hougan

      This made me SO EFFING HANGRY 😩

    93. Joe Pak

      He saved the rest of the food so that he could share it with the others.

    94. Jayden Vang

      Look at all that beef 😏 Me:that's what she said 😂😂

    95. MC Ren

      Aight guys shut up, toilet jokes arent funny anymore

    96. Ninjapilot10

      it's funny how he cant rush cause he's enjoying the food too much

    97. Que Unlimited

      I'm getting the 🍖 😓 just 👀

    98. Pablo The Joker

      Your stomach must love you❤️

    99. K K

      How he not fat yet?

    100. lil smurf P.

      Call me when you want, call me when you need, Spend a 1000 dollars, i love wagyu beef