1000+ Pepperoni on 1 Slice of Pizza CHALLENGE!!!

Matt Stonie

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    1000+ Pepperoni Slices on 1 Slice of Pizza!!!

    Who else thinks they have the Power of the Pepperoni??
    Fun challenge today as I attempt to Stack over 1000 Slices of standard Pepperoni on a Slice of Cheese pizza...

    Then Eat It!!!


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    1. xSoulx PUBG


    2. Ryan Hunt

      I'm trying to imagine the mad heartburn after eating that

    3. Yahya Essadki


    4. Dr Doom

      He has a cute pup 🐶

    5. Maddox Hafner

      This is how you die from heartburn

    6. Ava Romeo

      Yo Do Dude

    7. Zed Love

      Colonoscopy time

    8. Michael sprouse


    9. Bruce Wayne

      um yes i can

    10. Santos Calderon

      I couldn’t do it not with that pepperoni 😝



    12. Chuck


    13. Daniel Burca

      \\ \\c

    14. ANTUAN_ITA

      Li mortacci tua

    15. TeamStudio_Bloxy

      Yours sound is amazing..!

    16. so underrated

      How does he not gain weight? I just recovered ed and it’s always on my mind 😂

    17. Testsubject. 183

      this is what i mean when i want extra pepperoni

    18. Kenchy

      I wonder what the situation will be like in the toilet after eating so many pepperoni.


      carne picada

    20. ▪️ Royal ▫️

      Me : Eats 3 Mcdonalds Big Macs 🤩 Matt stonie : Hold my tea.🥱

    21. iamtheboxer

      ...'new property I just purchased'... maybe you should make a video on how much money you make from these stupid videos? I guess they are not so stupid if you are making millions of dollars a month?

    22. ASMR Nisa


    23. Joesam Bonello

      The dog is so cute

    24. Høwl

      bruh it 2021

    25. hoekk

      At the end I thought this wanker was going to eat his dog too!

    26. NC Hammer

      Matt’s cheese pizza: I just wanna get eaten peacefully and that’s it. Matt:

    27. Riccardo_ _

      Quello a casa mia si chiama salame però🤨

    28. GOD

      I would love to be him and eat all of that

    29. GOD

      Your stomach is made out of actual metal and u are so hungry compared to me

    30. JIMMY YT


    31. Krutik Vijay

      pepperoni with a side of pizza

    32. Tracy Fedrick

      I like pepperoni😁👱‍♀️🧘‍♀️

    33. CHEA

      Tab ddnrwznn desk😉

    34. Najir Stevenson


    35. axmedli 14

      Bizimde Ceren ablamiz var🥰

    36. Okan Pehlivan


    37. Kerem Özbek

      olum onlar çiğ lan

    38. Oscar Rosado

      My childhood dream.

    39. Sophie Ladet

      Please follow m’y brother (ele-_-cleansee) 👍

    40. Somedudeonaiphone Chilling

      Matt stonie counting 1000 pepperoni and 4000 mnms: *patrick as a scientist* Matt stonie counting 200 cookies he had eaten: *patrick with a board nailed to his head*

    41. ML content

      Bruh my maut is watering

    42. Paola Alcantara

      Fun fact i eat the peperoni first

    43. Olivia Archer

      When he started eating my heart stopped

    44. alaa mohamed

      Guys i know now how Matt stonie eats that too much. If his stomach gets full. He stores the rest of the food in his online storage

      1. alaa mohamed

        @A very pog gamer definitely. You are right man

      2. A very pog gamer

        Yep he just uploads it to the cloud.

    45. Stlla4 nvk

      Is this pepperoni on pizzza ora pizza on pepperoni?

    46. Marcus Smith

      Fun Fact

    47. someone you don’t know

      that’s enough slices

    48. Hdjjd Jfjjf


    49. Tiger Choynacky

      Omg theres your trip to the restroom

    50. PrimeShard

      counting with matt

    51. Kévin Lormel

      A la fin j'ai cru qu'il aller bouffer son chien ^^

    52. BH Art

      Why am I watching this?

    53. Derrick Michaels

      This video gave me MASSIVE heartburn lol

    54. NWFROST

      extra pepperoni pizza

    55. 03_Ahan Ghosh

      His toilet be like : why we are still here to suffer.

      1. Aldwin Garcia

        @WENHAO LIU true bro

      2. WENHAO LIU

        Lol good one

    56. Μιχαηλ Κακου

      , á Íslandi Noregi á árunum frá á Íslandi á Íslandi undir stjórn Péturs postula og er það ekki og ég hef

    57. Justin Elie

      what’s the point of the pizza might as well just eat all the pepperonis

    58. David Bujorean

      0:58 that looks nasty no offense to anyone

    59. Johnny Buckets

      800 pepperonis in “Its getting a little spicy”

      1. Aldwin Garcia


    60. Rebar Rostam

      BIG piza

    61. Jacob Ray

      Lucky little dog

    62. Sharif Badreden

      It's weird that no one have noticed his Joy Division's t-shirt which refers to Unknown Pleasures

    63. Aryan Tomar

      all I’m tryna know is how this dude is still skinny 💀

    64. Griggsby

      That’s gonna be some major heartburn my guy

    65. Ezra Free

      That’s gross as fuck bruh bruh

    66. puspa mukhiya

      the reason to his fitness

    67. Augen

      this is how i want my pizza when I ask for extra Pepperoni

    68. TAY3M

      My man ate a hole pig 😂

    69. Uganda Grant

      U didn't get sick? Damn your stomach is not reallly a stomach.....

    70. Sad Cereal

      They really burnt the bottom part of the pizza

    71. Marina J


    72. Triple shits

      Me watching this after eating 7 slices of pep and nearly vomming: 👁👄👁

    73. mango_pvp

      That looks disgusting

    74. Our Forest


    75. Adaminator

      For Matt Stonie it’s just a normal snack

    76. Peter D


    77. iam._elif

      Nasıl o kadar yedin ya

    78. Tiago Pinto

      one of the dumbest challenges ive ever seen.. you can eat all the foods and you go for a 1000 pepperoni 🤢🤮

    79. Herr WasGehtSieDasAn

      In Germany we say: Der frisst wie ein Schwein.

    80. Willem Brook

      No hate but that was gronk

    81. Tickle Queen

      Wouldn't 1k slices be at least as tall as the cabinets?


      Ahhhhhhhhahaha aha

    83. Məhəmməd Həsənov

      why are not you fat ?

    84. Sid Tom

      Ngl, I felt his pain after that pepperoni with no water

    85. DrewPlayz

      pepperoni rhymes with stonie

    86. Rida shahid


    87. Eren Can Şahin

      Türk sucuğundan yesen 100 tane zor yersin çok baharatlıdır (pls translate turkish-english .d)

    88. It’s me briana

      Weird comment but that was kinda on beat 6:47

    89. Cowboysyep

      Plot twist: simply safe can actually see you through the camera their spying on you 🤯

    90. Ken Kaneki

      He probably gets ptsd from the saltiness anytime he sees pepperoni on pizza.

    91. Chep0k

      “Drink more water” advice really works, else though I have no idea why he still alive

    92. SamWatt Gaming

      I am indian and when i order large pizza and peperonie garlf bread the the taste of peperonie aaa i hate peperone sorry but peperonie

    93. mishayagodni

      Good job man! as always number 1 =)

    94. Munkhsaikhan Bein


    95. Berthen Berden


    96. Eric In SF

      Dafuk stonie!

    97. Dustin Reasoner

      yes 👍

    98. icy gaming

      Are you eating pizza on your pepperoni 😂🤣😂🤣

    99. icy gaming

      Your techinally eating just pepperoni