10,000 Calorie FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS Challenge!!!

Matt Stonie

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    10,200 Calories of Flamin' Hot Cheetos! Someone had to do it! Actually, no one had to do it, I just felt like it would be a fun idea...

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    1. Nothing but grass clipping

      Wait until he gets his trote replaised

    2. Sakın profilime basma

      Damn sad for u ur probably gonna suffer in toilet lmao

    3. Pablo JetMetal

      Babys in mexico eat cheeetos and takis 😎

    4. AY 97


    5. AY 97

      Those Things will damage your organs

    6. Mohammad Shaffi

      These cheetos seems tasty😢

    7. Alpha Legends

      I love the way he dances after everry on of his challenges

    8. John Lee Aguilar

      Yes another spicy challege :-)

    9. Yesh Jain

      Really eat this

    10. Vᴇɢɪᴛᴀ

      This look good

    11. SlayerOp

      This guy is really look like shaagy from the Scooby Doo cartoon the bestie of Scooby Doo



    13. Barney Taylor Potts

      You hands were as red as a tomato

    14. Rachael Rai

      You are UK man

    15. Phuong Anthony

      He cheated he used water

    16. Frank Gonzalez

      I dislike this video because you left some cheetos out, when you weight them.

    17. FazeRandy50

      I would do this becouse I whanna eat it

    18. Σοφ Κ

      3.34 Nobody: That kid in the kindergarten when he asked for a "bite" of your food

    19. Inosuke Gaming

      i feel bad for his toilet

    20. Amad Amir

      He is eating like a zombie

    21. Hijabi Girl

      RIP butt hole

    22. Jannatul Ferdous

      I ate chetto at london

    23. rad panda

      You should’ve put some hot sauce on those Cheetos

    24. cyber21plays

      At the end it looked like he got beaten up by bullies 😂

    25. Thanh Luu nguyen

      Holi shit

    26. FactSpace

      You are monstar ❤️🔥💪

    27. SeekNDstroy

      That's not 10,000 calories in 4 bags at all that's like 2000 like what 😦

    28. Fabliha Hasan

      Can't imagine how he feels after eating this much food. You are amazing man!


      Hot food i dont eat hot food im a kid

    30. [Stranger]

      *I feel bad for his butt.*

    31. Cyber Dragon

      3:32 video starts...

    32. Jon The Fox

      I eat all over those in my sleep lmao I eat them so often I don't get the hot effect.

    33. Lil whip

      I bet everyone wants to eat 10 000 calories of hot cheetos in qurantine

    34. aqsa inam

      I come here when i want to eat something

    35. kamya's world wright

      Oh my🤭

    36. Miss Flower

      His poop is about to be flaming hot 😂


      Joker was insipred

    38. тактика Нвути От Стива

      Подумай, прежде всего о здоровье

    39. Big daddy

      How are you not fat?

    40. Olivia Vu


    41. trucker bob

      I wouldn't say I could do it in the amount of time stonie did it but realistically I could do this one in about a couple hours maybe probably consume all of them too

    42. Yolanda Orantes lagunas

      Me wants some

    43. kai parker

      this hurt to watch.

    44. Cooking with Z


    45. nxra

      R.I.P that toilet AYYYYY 😟😟😟

    46. Narinder Goyal


    47. Chano Vargas

      He didn't do it but at lest he tried

    48. Tasneem. Ayman

      Fan fact. Don't drink water. It'll make it spicier or won't do anything. Milk is suggested

    49. Osbaldo Hernandez

      Dude your stomach is going to rot from all those chips trust me I know

    50. abc

      100% Joker

    51. عايشه سالم

      الله يعينك

    52. Bastini Bast

      Imagine him touching his eyes at the end

    53. XsZainsX youtube

      Omggggg wowowowowoowow udid it

    54. LegendR888

      Fun fact is his mouth is faster than my internet

    55. ¤Dua Broqi°

      He looks like he is in pain and dead

    56. Shine Lamont

      Part of this video was shown on CBS News Sunday Morning. Matt is getting mainstream media attention!

    57. Billy

      Mmmmmmmm so tasty))))))))

    58. chitra kafleg7

      Are you still alive..........

    59. حسين نهاد

      شبيك خبل

    60. naz nawawi gaming

      if i eat that it take me 10 hour to finish it while watching youtube

    61. Brenden Sanchez

      Your making me hungry man I have a party size bag RN but that's 2x my bag it makes me drill😅🤒🤒🤒

    62. ??????

      His entire hand is about to be red for a week

    63. ??????

      Now try x2 flamin hot Cheetos

    64. Brayhan Diaz-Martinez


    65. Brayhan Diaz-Martinez


    66. Jerry DIY!!!!!

      The toilet 🚽 💣💣💩

    67. Turuva keli

      What kind of metabolism does this man have like damn!! I eat a single cookie and I feel fat lol

    68. Aire Salas

      3:32 me trying not to make noise at 3 in the morning

    69. Aire Salas

      0:01 me getting a snack at 3 in the morning

    70. The Poiz

      this is heaven tbh

    71. Ixciddreams

      I woulda loved it

    72. macsimos


    73. Emmanuel Serrano Morales (Student)

      # wanna die 🚶🏿‍♂️🧑🏿‍🦯

    74. Emmanuel Serrano Morales (Student)

      🚶🏿‍♂️I’ll go fuck into a world record speed run

    75. The Golden Gamers

      Kids dream: Having a bowl made out o cookies and ice cream filled in it Matt Stonies dream: Having a normal meal

    76. NitroReapR

      Pov: you came here too watch because you were hungry

    77. Machelle Hughes

      World Alex Yocum kaiPlaysRBLX

    78. هيام خليفه علي الناصرية

      هاي مافي عربي غيري اتوقع هه😑🙃

    79. marwane delhoum

      This video was recommended on my yt wile i was eating Cheetos bye the way

    80. Carlo

      wtf hahhah

    81. MN PiRo GAMING

      My moth was water after this video 🤤🤤

    82. Mr fortnite

      Lol 5:36

    83. Illy3illy

      him eating the cheetos aggressivley me: uh- sir is ur hand gonna be okay?

    84. lê Tommy

      Is it spicy or sweet?

    85. Brendins Rojok

      bruh u did not


      How does Matt always eat all this stuff and never get fat

    87. Draco_malfoy257

      Bruh you forgot your gloves

    88. ابوالفضل همتی


    89. Nik Anis Hazlini

      boleh tahan dia ini

    90. Max Drew


    91. Fearless kash ✔️

      He must have pooped acid in the toilet... Maybe the toilet got wholes in it 🙄

    92. Fearless kash ✔️

      is it only me who finds this video brutal 🙄

    93. P4ANTTOM

      Bruh it’s not even that hot

    94. Potato √

      Next day : i pooped hot flaming poop

    95. Shae Deo

      Mat: it’s only ten minutes I’ll be fine “5 min later” Mat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    96. Ishrat Jahan


    97. Akshara Bansal

      bro bach gaye

    98. Ethernet

      I legit forgot this guy is a competitive eater this is so weirdly impressive

    99. Jojobinks 1851

      This is the type of guy who doesn’t turn down grandmas 30th “you look skinny let me get you some more food”