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    1 Whole Gallon of Dill Pickles!!


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    1. Tina Conti

      I could eat like that jar but 2 jars of that 🥒🥒

    2. Rez Calm

      I can't STAND pickles. They're called 'pickles' because you PICK them off of your goddamn sandwich

    3. Granek

      słabo imo gruby better

    4. Netanya Strong

      i am so hungry for this

    5. natenatahn3302

      pickles are nast

    6. Master Shake

      How your heart not fail after all that sodium?!

    7. Jack Campbell


    8. gamer H

      wait till chandler see this (in mr beast)

    9. V 9

      Pickle juice is amazing dawg

    10. Sunita Kadel

      In Nepal we love pickle very much in this video my mouth was watery

    11. Johnny Bravo's feet fetish

      I drink pickle juice before I wanted to kill myself tbh

    12. DG Yard

      Man made a velocity edit of him choking on a dill pickle. 1:41. Buit different.

    13. Thanh Ta


    14. Thanh Ta

      3:45 now thats green

    15. Brandon Jones

      He gains 7lbs doing stuff like this, I gain 20lbs just by smelling a pizza *sigh*

    16. D Lee

      I wasn’t impressed with the cheap brand of pickles, because they very mildly dill. I will say I was more impressed with after eating all the pickles finishing off the video by drinking all the juice.

    17. Janis Joplin

      You're gonna get kidney stones from all that sodium lol They are the absolute worst pain on earth

    18. Kharia Major

      I saw 👀 him look at the timer so he knew that it stopped bc he looked at it.

    19. Taylor Gallion

      bro that pickle juice chug was legend, @me badlands

    20. James Rodriguez

      Id give it a shot but fridge cold juice n pickle.

    21. Aydenmorris16

      Once when I was a kid I was eating a pickle and I swallowed the whole thing on accident and it hurt really bad but I didn’t choke somehow

    22. Johann

      Pickle Rick

    23. Swapna Maity

      I am still amazed the fact that pickle juice stopped the timer

    24. Jannat Je Drawing & Craft World

      😯You have eaten with difficulty but I feel very uncomfortable😍

    25. 30 Valentinus Nathaniel kevin

      You forgot to eat the JAR 😂

    26. A B Mahidul Haque

      Wonderful. Pls take care and don’t risk yourself unnecessarily

    27. Bryson Ballard

      how can juice stop a timer

    28. crazy panda

      Who like Raw mango pickle

    29. หนู น้อย


    30. Brenda L

      I LOVE pickles and my mouth was watering while watching this…pickle juice and all…but there’s no way I could eat a whole gallon in one sitting…I’d never leave the bathroom. I also couldn’t help but think it was a waste of pickles since after he got down to business, he likely didn’t even taste them.

    31. Agent Balboa

      Do you want pickles on your burger? Me:

    32. Molapo

      That god dammit is gold!!! 😂🔥👌 3:00


      Very deceptive, look at his stomach is not big at all, it's impossible not to eat a lot of this kind

      1. Need Some Milk

        Woah woah woah Matt Stonie is not fake


      It seems very deceptive because I used to use fast forward, I didn't even eat it


      It's a trick to use fast forward

    36. Baljeet Kanda

      There is no way he is Human.

    37. Liquid

      Is this cucumbers.??

    38. SethaNeath SereiPich


    39. Call of duty Last name

      He’s gona shit pickles

    40. Matheus Vidinha


    41. Tristan Manfredi

      In case you were wondering, there are 14 pickles.

      1. Harry Iguana


    42. Nik

      This one I could do, I eat jars of pickles all the time

    43. Jlxm

      My blood pressure went up just watching this

    44. Francesco Francesco


    45. James H

      i did this when I was 7yrs old, but with the smaller jar. I love pickles and the juice.

    46. Kevinn Sevinn

      Salt Bloat...the name of my new ska punk band 💯

    47. Justin Mensay

      Pickle Ricks’ worst enemy

    48. Kenneth Nguyen


    49. Ericha

      God I love pickles

    50. Denizhan Karaöz

      Thats just 15-50 kcal btw

    51. Nicole Vlogs

      you are gros

    52. Ruv is gaming

      Chandler is crying

    53. E.khaleghi


    54. rana mane

      I love that video

    55. Umar Farooque

      When mom says eat healthy or you get a stranger will kidnap you,

    56. Vajavj 1273

      Why am i getting mallu serial bgm when he drinks that juice????!!!!

    57. no one

      i could do this

    58. LolaAlodia Food Vlog

      whaaaaat How you finish them alll 😆😆😆😆😆

    59. Robloxman

      A family would eat that in 3 weeks Matt stonie:I finished in 9 minutes

    60. alif Hardiansyah

      it looks really good is the water bitter

    61. Halo Guru

      Oddly enough! While watching this, I actually felt a pickle slide its way into my butt.🥴

      1. Enzo Danley

        tf lmao

    62. boNinja

      Im eating pickles while watching any one else and im eating sour ones

    63. 東京様

      Me: knowing I can finish two

    64. Stayze _

      Pov: The pickels r gonna run out Me:

    65. Frank Racioppi

      You are my hero

    66. HopScoch382

      And the timer was off lol

    67. Julian Alejandro Rldñ

      Los kiero gente

    68. James Moore

      I bet he shit like a goose after this challenge

      1. Aubrey

        His metabolism is probably lubed up and made of titanium ngl

    69. Khiton


    70. X xXXHexXXxbbroxXX X


    71. SincronizeD2

      1:21 stop xD

    72. Yasser Anmar

      Hey man, stop, you're going to die my friend, you're eating fast

    73. SONIC


    74. ̄NVM - Thích Làm Game Thủ

      OMFG he did drink the whole jam!!!!

      1. kev063

        You must be new to him. Go back to watching cartoons

    75. Adaminator

      This makes me wanna never eat pickles again

    76. THO SHENG MING Moe

      i hate pickles

    77. ♣NEP♣﴾ERIC﴿

      He is real sour king

    78. pedro Cremerius


    79. ブリアナ

      The war cry before he drank the pickle juice 😂😂😂

    80. ブリアナ

      My bf and me love pickles 😁 so crunchy lol looks delicious!

    81. Ahmet Üzümcü


    82. Fuzion Monster

      My tounge watching this at 1:38 am 🌊🌊🌊🌊💧💧💦💦🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    83. Diellza Tahiri

      R.I.P your stomach

    84. Tritality Dash

      my pay turk is no english

    85. Sandee Chester

      I had a deal Pickle and it's not hot

      1. Aubrey

        It's not supposed too be

    86. Елена Гончарова

      dude hello I'm from Russia, of course you're strange, we eat such a jar in a week in winter and pickle is generally like lemonade

    87. Mysteryy

      Your teet is not even brown

    88. RithyRithyyy

      There's no 20 pickles there's only 14 pickles

    89. Blake Cutter

      i did this once after a bad day of school. was so sick had to miss 3 days

    90. Sergent_Jacques

      I bet that idubbz got these pickles in the sewer for you

    91. JuiceMan Ayden

      Fun Fact: in Connecticut, you can't legally call a pickle a pickle unless it bounces

    92. Balaji Yadav

      Has someone also noticed that there were 2 timers on the screen, but on one is pointing out in the comment section.

      1. Need Some Milk

        The timer on the phone stopped which made the time inaccurate so they continued the real time on the timer on top

      2. Aubrey

        Because the timer stopped halfway

    93. waqar rajpoot

      Time and video stop for 1 day and start next day lol😜

    94. Sami Arda

      I remind the pickle ASMR lol….

    95. Орынжан Дүмбаев

      Фууу бляяяя

    96. TanqR

      1 pickles 😋 equal takis yummy 😋 me eating rite now takis

    97. cedrick boissonnault

      when i was young i liked so much pickel that i eated two jar of it and got sick in the store

    98. Arif Raziq Razak

      I love pickles

    99. Darien Cruse-Turner

      I love pickles, but ew, I could never just do this

    100. Leo

      I didn't like pickles, now I can't taste anything because of covid and they're the only thing with flavor so now they're my favorite food.