1.2 Gallon FRUIT COCKTAIL Eaten in ~5 Minutes!!

Matt Stonie

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    So much FRUIT!!!
    Probably one of the healthier challenges I've done in awhile, today I attempt to consume 10 cans/1.2 Gallons of Fruit Cocktail in one sitting!


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    1. Lasagna

      how do u not have diabetes matt?

    2. Yakuza

      very wet-sounding

    3. A.NiñaTV ✓

      I love fruit cocktail but i cant eat that much fruit

    4. High Alpha

      Oh man... a whole gawon! 😄

    5. Mr. FreezeMaster

      every childhood dream

    6. Carter Courtney

      4:43 - 4:46 2x speed XD. 😂


      You’ve got the time on your hands One material one product

    8. Blake Hastings-Binns

      ASMR If I wasn’t talking

    9. Mariah Francois


    10. Ayden St. Croix

      How does He consume so many calories but still look skinny

    11. Landonninja4

      How are you not fat

    12. T H

      watching while eating a bowl of fruit cocktail

    13. Krrish Aggarwal

      Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf

    14. DeathImmenent

      Funny how it'll look the same as when it went in when it comes out

    15. Sh4rp0ne R33R

      4:05 I do my lil dancey dance

    16. Jefferson Thomas

      Josephine PV 10 ❤️ When Matt Donor's doctor sayd eat healthy-

    17. Christiano Girod

      Dude you was suppose to grow out the water

    18. Qayyum Tristan

      now do spinaches

    19. solar system


    20. SuperGamer Hell

      Shouldn’t this be healthy for Matt?

    21. Saba Siddiqui Jlp026

      Such an eater

    22. Angel Ochoa

      The food look so fucking bussin

    23. Dr.sandflea

      This one is probably the most enjoyable

    24. Yari Nashad


    25. Windows 98

      2030 2.4 gallon fruit cocktail eaten

    26. BARTIX

      Kto z polski | | \/

    27. shatterflight

      Ngl it looks hella refreshing

    28. Gael Souza Santos

      Can appreciate the fact that this man works so hard eating so much just to present us from being bored AND working out hard af to not be fat

    29. Daniel Osorio

      Canned food looks nasty

    30. Samsoedien irvan

      Yo Matt that's a ton of sugar 😲

    31. CD Baller

      Where does all the food go? You literally skinny

    32. Colin Check

      I have a snack that you might like. Plain Cooked rice Mixed with drained fruit cocktail Add cool whip and a small amount of vanilla extract. Chill in the fridge for a bit I'm not sure about the exact measurements. Maybe you can make a whole lot of it, and eat in your show.

    33. Grape

      How to get diabetes in 5 minutes.

    34. Tiago Moisés da Silva

      Day challenge

    35. Dead-End Productions [MTR]

      The ultimate school lunch fruit cup.

    36. Zes

      wrr, laugh, sayx any nmw, doesnt matter, yuax , sx etc doesn tmatter

    37. Abdl Si

      Is it just me or do those look sorta icky.

    38. Gret Nolsan

      You should make a second channel for the aftermath of these challenges

    39. Mr.Borger

      Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😋

    40. Umi Sonoda

      The video starts at 3:14! ;3

    41. blub bo

      If i do dis best thing is to eat all the fruits first and then enjoy the juice B)

    42. Talan Dove


    43. Hassan Peralta

      Ngano wa ka manambok sigi man kag calories

    44. Dean Kaprolet

      The sound of him filling the bowl will be the same sound he hears all night

    45. Aryan Gupta

      3:19 when your crush offers u an extra candy on her birthday

    46. Holyana Angeline


    47. Gülnihal

      I'm afraid this man will eat the whole galaxy lol

    48. Blu3Dud3

      Fruit cocktails are the best

    49. Kalen S

      i thought i could stomach this one easily but it looked like barf just when he was pouring it in the bowl

    50. AniqPlayz

      When your mom wont let you have chicken nuggets if you dont eat fruit:

    51. savage ibi


    52. savage ibi


    53. Lado _ 拉多


    54. squeak

      Sen bunları nasıl yiyebiliyorsun?

    55. Nelson Wong

      Diabetes already

    56. Marcelo Luna alonso

      When your mom says eat healthy me be like


      That syrup juice is delicious when is cold

    58. Toby Shane

      I would eat 2 50000 hours

    59. vivigousia

      Matt stonie's weewee taste after all this fruit

    60. Neetu Sharma

      finally something is not overflowing from his bowl😂😂😂😂

    61. Vibe Check

      His poor toilet grapes give diarrhea.....

    62. Jeremiah Lotter

      Barely any cherries

    63. Max Channel

      I see your dog

    64. Geovern 69

      Cock Tails *"Hentai Confirm"*

    65. BNS_lazer

      3:35 i didn’t know Matt stonie had a dog

    66. Senpai Daisu

      fruit salad poop

    67. ItsAbdulPlays YT

      The grape ratio is 1 in 1.1 gallon

    68. Annna Avin

      How did u finished if it was me i will take just 4 bite

    69. Zach Roberts

      Me still stuck on the one peach that has that has a bit of stem stuck on it

    70. ʏᴛ ғs ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏs


    71. Grant Kang

      Does this remind anyone of the scene from Sam and Cat where they were trapped in the safe?

    72. DAYAM Khan

      3.35 bro you have a husky dog

    73. Nicholai Garcia

      The beginning of the video sounded satisfying

    74. Ernesto Palacios

      2:47 that's how big that man's stomach is?!?

    75. shininja

      anyone notice the dog in the back

    76. Meat

      plot twist that vegan teacher sponsored this

    77. AZ Family Reviews

      ASMR be like

    78. Smile plz

      Bro your a beast

    79. yes,ur mom is gay

      Your stomach don't fit 3 L,of course is more than this

    80. Lan

      I love the burps 😂

    81. aadrian 7

      Becarefull you Stamik very danger you dead

    82. byron Morton

      That would be good asf

    83. Jaden Bynoe

      That lloks soooo gooooood i would eat that

    84. Solidstrikers

      Slurp 3:29

    85. akira tsukyomi

      i want frut now its healthy and hyrating

    86. MD Anisul Islam

      just wanted to say i have never ate the food i have seen cause none of this food exixt in my country

      1. K B

        Del monte fruit cocktail is on Asian market bro



    88. Ууганбаяр Б'

      Looks painful

    89. grace vannila

      Where the food is going??

    90. Hicel Bocao

      more on pineapple

    91. Mads Bro Daugaard

      his doggo in the strat be like 'food for me:) no he is eating it:('

    92. Chrix Chx Channel

      Unhealthy 😒

    93. qFql

      that slurp tho damn

    94. Zakarie Haji

      This guys only swallows

    95. GlitterGirl324

      I’m eating pineapple 🍍 whilst watching this


      man you eat like a mad wy you are´t fat

    97. yiyi huang

      cock-tail it has a swear word in it

    98. Master Blaster

      The most healthiest non healthy challenge

    99. casey troise

      Gotta finish that last bite before you stop the time