I record myself eating food and upload it here.

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  1. CastleBloxFilms

    If Matt wrote a book there would be one word that would never appear in it That word is “Full”

  2. snack_mngr 247365

    Add a 4oz bottle of Castor oil...

  3. SwitcherNova

    3:30 UGHHHH

  4. KILLER 010

    90 mins is to long it should be 15 20 mins

  5. 𝙯𝙖𝙗

    when the teacher leaves the classroom for 2 minutes and you’re hungry:

  6. G P

    Toi t'es un champion

  7. PJ

    Beefy jerky challenge

  8. Proovokk

    looks tasty af ;D

  9. Christian simonsen

    these burgers, looks so fucking delicious it's insane. Still crawing 1 after 5 years.

  10. sukár more


  11. Jo Ou

    I would bet these dudes and chicks who do eating 'feats' have interesting stories about growing up. My cousin, who was as thin as Stonie when he was alive, had to eat at least 3 pounds of food to feel like he had enough to eat, when he was a child. His parents did NOT appreciate that biological quirk. So. Chances are that Stonie and Chestnut's parents did not raise a kid, intending for them to be competitive eaters. Can you imagine the plumbing issues in a normal house with a kid who will be devouring 25 big macs in one sitting, when he's a full grown man? I know a LOT of people don't like this type of 'expression,' BUT . . I'm just wondering if dudes, who eat about half this much and who weigh like 360, couldn't learn from these professional eaters and sort of like . . eat just as much as they want to . . but slim down. I would much rather have that, than a dude, tipping the scales at 500 pounds, bed ridden and fed. This is an interesting time we live in. And I think, although I'm not an expert, these 'master' quantity eaters are the key to slimming down really heavy people, without requiring them to go on a diet, which NEVER works.

  12. Maddixx Floriant

    Do eating the subway party sub challenge

  13. Goofy Gwape

    Is it only me or the beginning song was from popularMMOs

  14. Cxntrol

    POV: You’re watching this when you’re hungry

  15. Luka Toseski

    Matt be like: -I was like mmmmm "fooooood" as a joke, but bro i dont think that is a joke anymore!?😂

  16. Shibothan Thananirupasingham

    He start eating at 4:16

  17. Sakın profilime basma

    Damn sad for u ur probably gonna suffer in toilet lmao

  18. Sarah '93

    Insane man.

  19. ツZEFIX


  20. Mike P

    curious to hear what music they play on eating contests.

  21. Homer

    I want som

  22. Acelya Avaracı

    my dietitian: you can eat cotton candy today The cotton candy i eat:

  23. Coen Crocker

    What a scammer

  24. nami

    well now im hungry i guess.

  25. Kurumi Akiyama

    Ima go buy sum of dis now where can I find this?????

  26. Idoctor Gul

    Now feel the pain in toilet 🤣🤣

  27. JayBon

    Netflix : are you still watching ? Someone’s daughter: 2:02

  28. Lava Cat Universe Gaming

    Good job Matt!😁

  29. Hyun Sammy

    Man sorry to let you down but my friends at 19 불딱복금면 and he does not care a about spiciness or the amount of what he eat he is a monster lol

  30. DoomTech.

    Dope Brand New shirt

  31. Stryker

    this is how o feel whenever I eat at cheesecake factory

  32. WorldofPogs

    My dentis be like: You have Diabetis now

  33. ashutosh samantaray

    May be matt was raised by heavy weight champion grand maa

  34. Ēvalds Ate

    Can u pls do macaroni with cheese

  35. Jakayla F

    Props to him because I would've felt sick to my stomach after eating 10

  36. Alice Hits

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* SEprom: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

  37. The LEONID


  38. Tina Conti

    I could eat like that jar but 2 jars of that 🥒🥒

  39. GRAD800M

    Что не съем, то понадкусываю

  40. Radja Badii

    5:01 that 1...

  41. Zachariah Hockenbury

    The ice cream machine is working he just ate it all

  42. Chase Moss

    Next do corn dogs

  43. Fatna Tajani

    Nice 👍 😘🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤩🤩🤩🤩

  44. Chase Moss

    Next do corn dogs

  45. Isaiah Casey

    Bro I would eat all of that

  46. rodney perez

    Mat stione i have a Yutube chanale

  47. El chapo cand avea pojar M24

    Wtf i eat that food in 15 mins😂😂 for no money

  48. Chanel.Imuv🤎💍🌞

    That boy was in mrbeast

  49. Sofie Dzhambetov


  50. Steven martino

    I’m gonna buy one and put it in a jar of mixed gummy bears and see who is the unlucky fella

  51. Etz Rbn

    How are you not far

  52. mr_frog989

    Viewers POV: hmmm that look really good Him: pain. His mouth: AAAAAAAAAAAA His toilet: O_O U just got coconut malled

  53. Harry Titmus

    Hi Matt stonie

  54. Joshua Chen

    8 years later...

  55. Sarwan Rukhar


  56. mr_frog989

    At this point just eat a mountain

  57. Kanav Dhawan

    Did you received 3500$

  58. Xavier olvier


  59. HDD

    I hope your dentist doesn't spank you after seeing this!

  60. ~C̸andyP̸op• 🍭

    You:*buy 1620 pocky* Me:Mom I can buy one Mikado (pocky in my country) She:no

  61. josephsmth646

    Plot twist : he is a zombie..

  62. Jeshua Jimenez

    Spicy be like: 🔥

  63. Abraham Isaac

    One day I will eat like u bro

  64. Lawa-_- Gaming



    The real challenge starts in the toilet

  66. gemini gacha

    I’m drinking water run 😑

  67. Infinite Onions

    Bottom left there is still the sauce left

  68. Ryan Hunt

    I'm trying to imagine the mad heartburn after eating that

  69. rashelle hoffman

    Bro I’m fat and he eat 8000 calories I eat a sandwich a day my god

  70. Cesar Farfan

    Fruit juice is not ‘healthy’, is a desert.

  71. Muhammad Sharjeel


  72. Yahya Essadki


  73. MCcorrupt

    He is gonna be so fat

  74. ali raoudy


  75. IceBear

    It wouldnt make sense to not eat 5

  76. Rae Imani

    I hope this guy gets regular colon cleanses 🥴

  77. V1zz10n _

    When he said ew to polynesian it made me cringe

  78. Paradora

    damn i ate one of them and i almost died

  79. Gardw Stensrud